Appendix E

Reminder List for Students Seeking a Bachelor of Liberal Studies Degree For Students Matriculating Prior to Fall 2003:

The final responsibility for meeting specific requirements for a degree rests entirely with the student.  The following is a brief reminder list. For details and other requirements, consult the Dictionary of Academic Regulations, the official online list of courses in Banner for the semester in which the course is taken, the Guide to Registration, and the UMW Undergraduate Academic Catalog.


  1. A Degree Application (with correct completion and diploma dates) filed in the Office of the Registrar one year prior to the anticipated graduation date.
  2. A Senior graduation check is required the semester before the planned semester of graduation.
  3. An officially declared and successfully completed Major Program with 39 credits earned with at least 20 upper-level credits.
  4. At least 120 valid credits earned.
  5. At least a 2.00 grade-point average in the Major Program (UMW coursework) and at least a 2.00 cumulative grade-point average for all UMW coursework.
  6. Successful completion at least two Writing Intensive courses.*
  7. English Composition competence  (3 credits).
  8. Technology competence for all B.L.S. students admitted as of Fall 2001.
  9. Successful completion of all General Education Distribution Area requirements (English Competence, Humanities, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences and Mathematics, and Communication Arts),  30-credit minimum.
  10. No more than 20% pass/fail courses in all, provided the courses are not transfer courses or general education/major courses.
  11. No more than 7 repeated courses  (repeats are permitted only in courses in which the original grade was C-, D+, D, F, or FA). Only 2 repeats per semester.
  12. At least 30 resident credits at UMW, to include UMW courses completed the summer and semester immediately prior to entering B.L.S. program.
  13. Minimum 30 semester credits earned through traditional classroom experience.
  14. Departmental approval of the Major Program evidenced by an approved curriculum plan.
  15. Curriculum plan completed and approved by B.L.S. Faculty Committee upon earning 70 semester hours of credit.
  16. Curriculum plan submitted in approved format.
  17. No more than 30 credits are awarded for a Life/Work Portfolio, submitted within one year of successfully completing the Portfolio class and before the maximum of 90 transfer hours are reached.
  18. No more than 30 credits total in alternative credit testing (i.e., DANTES, CLEP, etc.).
  19. No more than 30 military based credits.
  20. Transfer coursework must be approved by B.L.S. Office prior to enrollment (failure to obtain permission may result in non-credit).

*Starting with those students entering the B.L.S. program in the Fall of 1993, students entering with 60 or fewer transfer credits will have completed, prior to matriculation, two approved writing intensive courses or must complete two writing intensive courses at UMW.  Students entering with more than 60 transfer credits will need to have completed, prior to matriculation, one writing intensive course or complete one at UMW.  This applies only to B.L.S. students with confirmed admission dates of August 1993 or later, provided there has not been a five-year interruption in enrollment at UMW.

Call the Office of Bachelor of Liberal Studies, 654-1120, should you have any questions about the academic policies of the B.L.S. program.