The General Faculty


2.1.1  Definition of the General Faculty    The general faculty of the University of Mary Washington consists of all persons holding academic rank. Within the general faculty are two further groups of faculty: Instructional faculty (see §1.10) are individuals who hold teaching appointments in various academic departments and who teach courses for credit toward Mary Washington degrees. Administrative and professional faculty are those individuals holding academic rank who are appointed by the President to perform the administrative and support functions. This Faculty Handbook applies exclusively to instructional faculty (see Title Page), and all references in the Handbook to faculty are, in fact, to instructional faculty. (A separate handbook applies only to administrative and professional faculty.)

2.1.2  Regular Meetings of the General Faculty   Faculty    General faculty meetings will be held:  (1) August – beginning of the academic year (2) April – end of the academic year.  Attendance is a professional obligation of all members of the instructional faculty, and all members have the right to speak and vote in these meetings.

2.1.3 Special General Faculty Meetings   Special General Faculty meetings may be called by the President of the University or the Provost; at least three days notice in writing shall always be given, except that the President or the Provost may call an emergency meeting at any time to deal with a specific issue.  Such an emergency meeting shall have plenary powers but shall not be bound by the rules on order of business.  Submission of a petition with the signatures of ten members of the faculty above the rank of instructor representing five or more departments with one member from each of the University’s colleges shall be sufficient for a General meeting of the faculty to be called. Any action of the University Faculty Council may be debated at such meeting, subject to the requirements contained in §2.5.  The rulings of the General Faculty at these meetings will be final, subject to approval by the Board of Visitors.

2.1.4  Voting Privileges at Meetings of the General Faculty    Other members of the general faculty may attend faculty meetings and to them all is extended the privilege of the floor when recognized by the presiding officer. However, only members of the instructional faculty may vote in faculty meetings. Non-faculty members of the University community may attend faculty meetings. However, such persons may not vote and may speak only by specific invitation of the presiding officer or by request of a member of the instructional faculty.

2.1.5  General Procedures for Meetings of the General Faculty    Meetings of the faculty are held according to the schedule set forth in the rules of order (see Appendix M).

2.1.6  Meeting Rules   Meetings of the General Faculty shall be conducted according to the rules of order in Appendix M.  The Provost shall normally preside at General Faculty meetings and will rule on the disposition of motions.  In the absence of the Provost, the President of the University will designate the presiding officer.  The President may also assume the chair at any time. The business of the general faculty is:  (1) to debate and vote on University Faculty Council actions of concern; (2) to approve degree candidates for graduation; and (3) to overrule or reconsider UFC actions occurring during the academic year.  With respect to this item of business, a motion to overrule or reconsider may occur at the April meeting or at any special meeting held between the August and April meetings of the General Faculty, at which a quorum is present. Actions during the year that were approved by the UFC, including those ratified by separate votes of the college faculties when so required, may be overturned by a simple majority vote of full-time, instructional faculty.  Actions passed by the UFC but not approved by the separate college faculties may be brought up for reconsideration and approved by a simple majority vote of full-time, instructional faculty. (See also §1.11.1 and § and §2.3.3.)  Notice of intent to overturn or reconsider actions of the University Faculty Council at a regularly scheduled or special meeting of the General Faculty must be set forth in a formal motion and set forth in the applicable agenda packet, in order to give all faculty members equal opportunity to attend the meeting and vote.

2.1.7  Committee of the Whole    The entire body of the meeting of the General Faculty shall be a Committee of the Whole.

2.1.8  Quorum    One hundred members of the general faculty with (1) at least five members from each of the University’s colleges and (2) representation from at least ten different departments shall be a quorum for the transaction of business.  A smaller number may only adjourn.