Faculty Advisory Committees


2.7.1  General Duties of Faculty Advisory Committees     These committees report to and advise the University Faculty Council on specific areas of policy concerning relevant areas of the University’s curriculum or on other matters pertinent to the University’s mission.  Additional responsibilities of these committees, including those for conducting meetings and reporting actions to the UFC, are explained in sections 2.4 through

2.7.2  Faculty Appointments to Faculty Advisory Committees    Except as otherwise indicated in section 2.8, faculty members of these committees are appointed by the University Faculty Organization Committee from the faculty at-large with the condition that they represent a balanced range of disciplines and are active in the program or work of the committee.

2.7.3  Membership Terms on Faculty Advisory Committees     Members of all University faculty advisory committees serve staggered three-year terms beginning the fall after appointment and are not eligible for reappointment to the same faculty advisory committee for two academic years following such a term. Faculty may not serve on more than one faculty advisory committee concurrently.

2.7.4  Chairs of University Faculty Advisory Committees    Chairs of faculty advisory committees are elected at an annual organizational meeting following procedures in section 2.4.1.

2.7.5  Interruptions in a Term of Service    If a faculty member is unable to serve part of a term on a faculty advisory committee (due to such factors as academic leave or illness), a temporary replacement is appointed by the UFOC or by the college he or she represents on the committee. The committee chair must be notified of the replacement in a timely manner. This replacement serves for the duration of the faculty member’s absence. Upon return, an absentee faculty member completes the original term.  Faculty members who are appointed as temporary replacements on faculty advisory committees are eligible for appointment to the same or another faculty advisory committee.

2.7.6  University Faculty Advisory Committees and Faculty Service    As with all faculty committees, membership on faculty advisory committees is regarded as an integral part of a faculty member’s professional responsibility to the University and counted as part of the faculty member’s service obligation.

2.7.7  Student Appointments to Faculty Advisory Committees   Student members are appointed to several Advisory Committees, with the number to be appointed specified in the statements of committee membership as found in §2.8 (below). These students are nonvoting members who are appointed by the UFOC on the recommendation of the President of the Student Government Association with one exception. The student representative on the BLS Committee is appointed by the UFOC on the recommendation of the Director of the BLS Program.

Note: Sections 2.8 through 2.8.7 as written below were approved by the UFC on February 8, 2011 and circulated to the Colleges for approval. As reported at the UFC meting on March 15, 2011, the Colleges voted to approve these sections.