Description of Faculty Status for Persons in Other Positions


3.6.1  Administrators with Faculty Rank   Any member of the teaching faculty who accepts an administrative appointment for a time and then returns to the teaching faculty retains the rank and tenure he or she had at the time the administrative appointment was accepted.  If such a faculty member qualifies by the stated criteria for consideration for promotion and/or tenure (see §6), he or she may be so considered and promotion and/or tenure may be awarded prior to the return of the faculty member to the teaching faculty.  Academic rank (and tenure) may be awarded upon appointment by the Board of Visitors to an administrator from outside the University whose qualifications and prior experience warrant it.

3.6.2  Administrative and Professional Faculty    University personnel in administrative or professional faculty positions, including library faculty, are not considered teaching faculty and are not subject to the provisions of this Faculty Handbook.  (See Handbook for Administrative and Professional Faculty.)  Similarly, teaching faculty are not considered administrative or professional faculty personnel and are not subject to the provisions set forth in the Handbook for Administrative and Professional Faculty.

3.6.3  Classified and Hourly Employees    No faculty are employed in classified or hourly positions, and this Faculty Handbook does not apply to any classified or hourly employees.  (See Handbook for Classified and Hourly Employees.)

3.6.4 Professional Development Adjuncts This employment classification covers persons in a variety of part-time roles, such as teaching non-credit courses, serving as James Farmer Scholar Instructors, assisting in education courses as a master teacher, or working as an assistant coach for an athletic team. These persons are not faculty members, and this Faculty Handbook does not apply to them. (See the Handbook for Professional Development Adjuncts.)