Extension of Probationary Period


Tenure-track faculty members have the option of requesting an extension of the probationary period, with or without taking a leave of absence, for reasons coinciding with faculty leave policies on sick leave (§3.13.1), disability leave (§3.13.2), and infant-care leave (§3.13.3).  Requests for extensions other than these maybe granted at the dean’s discretion. The department chair and the dean must be informed in writing, prior to or during the semester in question, of the request to extend the probationary period. The dean shall inform the faculty member within two weeks of his or her recommendation to approve or disapprove the request. All requests for extensions must be forwarded to the Provost and then to the President of the University, who will forward his or her recommendation to the Board of Visitors for final action. Faculty may choose to extend the probationary period for a period of up to one year per request. When they become eligible to apply for tenure, faculty members whose probationary period is extended shall be considered for tenure at the next regularly scheduled evaluation period and shall be evaluated for tenure and promotion in accordance with the standard criteria (not higher expectations). Faculty members who have requested to extend the probationary period may not subsequently elect to return to the original probationary period. Extending the probationary period shall in no way affect merit pay procedures. If the faculty member’s request for extension is denied, he or she may appeal the decision through the Faculty Grievance Procedure (see §5.8).