The Honor Code


The Honor Code and Honor Constitution are found in Appendix B. Each faculty member agrees to accept and abide by the Honor System when accepting his or her original faculty appointment.  It is the responsibility of all faculty members to stay familiar with the principles and operating procedures of the Honor System and to support it.

5.2.1 Student-Faculty Interactions and Honor Code   Each student upon entering the University signs a pledge to observe the Honor System.  Therefore, the work of all students is predicated on the Honor System, and the faculty member in his or her relationship with students is expected to act within this framework.  All statements about academic matters made to a faculty member are covered by the Honor Code.

5.2.2  Faculty Actions Related to the Honor Code    Faculty members should make clear in their assignments the extent to which they consider help from (or collaboration with) others to be legitimate.  It is expected that faculty members will conduct tests and examinations according to the expectations of the Honor System.  Faculty members need not remain in the classroom during tests and examinations; they must indicate to the students where they may be found if needed, and they may return to the classroom briefly for consultation.

5.2.3  Faculty Response to Suspected Violations of the Honor Code    Violations of the Honor Code are not to be condoned or ignored by faculty; however, neither are they to be dealt with by unilateral faculty action (such as by simply lowering the student’s grade).  Assignments under review by the Honor Council should not be assigned a grade until a final verdict has been determined. In cases where an honor accusation is outstanding on the day final grades are due, the Honor Council will request a ‘G’ grade on the faculty member’s behalf. Faculty will be notified in all instances when this act occurs. All alleged Honor Code violations are to be reported to and handled by the Honor Council, assuring due process and fairness.  A faculty member who has reason to suspect a violation of the Honor System should consult the Honor Constitution (Appendix B) for reporting procedures.  Willful failure to support and abide by the Honor Code may serve as a basis for termination of a faculty member for cause.