Annual Evaluation Documents


For copies of forms used in this context, see Appendix A.

6.4.1 The Faculty Annual Activities Report (FAAR)    A brief form to be filled out and filed with the department chair and dean each year by each faculty member. It lists, by category, the activities and accomplishments of the faculty member for the academic year just completed. It is used in annual performance evaluation, salary adjustment, and pre-tenure, promotion, and unsatisfactory performance review.  Categories to be addressed and guidelines to complete the FAAR appear at §6.5.

6.4.2 The Curriculum Vitae    The formal academic resume of a faculty member, written in standard form (see Appendix A for example format) and updated with each evaluation.

6.4.3 Department Chair Evaluation Commentary    A form upon which a faculty member is asked each year to offer comment for the dean upon the effectiveness, as he or she sees it, of the department chair in the areas of teaching, professional activity, service, and administration.

6.4.4 Annual Performance Review (APR)    A brief form executed for the record by the department chair (see § With reference to teaching, professional activity, and service (weighted according to an adjustable percentage scale set by the faculty member, § and using the 0–3 scale of §6.1, it identifies aspects of the faculty member’s performance that were exceptionally strong, as well as any aspects that fell short of expectations or should be improved. In the case of significant shortfall, the APR may also outline major objectives for a stated future period.

6.4.5 Special Assignments Performance Review (SAPR)    In the case of faculty members with special assignments (e.g., department chair, Director of the Speaking Intensive Program, etc.), the person with immediate supervisory responsibility for the special assignment should complete a performance evaluation that specifically speaks to the performance criteria (weighted according to §6.2.1) detailed in the faculty member’s original letter of appointment.

6.4.6 Annual Performance Weighting Form (APWF)     A brief form indicating the specific weightings the faculty member has chosen for that year for teaching, professional activity, and service.  The form is filled out by the faculty member and given directly to the department chair.  The APWF will be submitted by September 1, when August 16 is the start date of the contract period for that APWF review period.  As appropriate and justified, any faculty member can request that his/her APWF be amended for that review period.  All changes to the APWF must be approved by the department chair and the dean.  Any modifications must be approved no later than May 15 of the review period.  Chairs will submit their own APWF directly to the dean.