Annual Evaluation Principles


Annual evaluation of faculty has been mandated by the Board of Visitors. The evaluation system is required to be multi-sourced, to include peer review (unless this step is not part of the department’s process), and to place each faculty member on an evaluation level between 0 and 3.

0 = unsatisfactory; failure to meet minimum performance expectations.

1 = faculty performance which meets expectations or less than one year for evaluation.  When used in cases other than a faculty member who is in her/his first year at UMW, this rating implies that the faculty member is only barely meeting the minimum expected level of performance and that room for significant improvement exists.

2 = effective; productive in meeting all goals and represents the average performance expected of UMW faculty.  A rating of effective should always be interpreted in a favorable light.

3 = exceptional or outstanding performance; well above the effective level of expectations.

Procedures outlined in §6.2-§6.9 apply to full-time instructional faculty.  For evaluation of adjunct faculty, see §6.10