Annual Evaluation Principles

6.1 ANNUAL EVALUATION PRINCIPLES FOR FULL-TIME INSTRUCTIONAL FACULTY    Faculty Annual evaluation of faculty has been mandated by the Board of Visitors. All tenured, tenure-track, renewable term appointments (lecturers and senior lecturers), and any other faculty on continuing multi-year contracts will be reviewed. The evaluation system is required to be multi-sourced, to include peer review (unless this step is not part of the department’s process),  rating each faculty member’s performance as to whether it meets, exceeds or does not meet expectations in the areas of teaching, professional activity, and service. This process applies to the faculty member’s performance during the annual evaluation period. Full criteria for promotion and tenure can be found in the appendices of each college.

Meets expectations: the faculty member is effective, productive, and meets standards expected of all faculty. This rating represents the standard performance of UMW faculty. This rating should always be interpreted in a favorable light.

Exceeds expectations: exceptional performance; well above the effective level of expectations.

Does not meet expectations: the faculty member fails to meet standards expected of all faculty.

Procedures outlined in §6.2-§6.9 apply to full-time instructional faculty. For evaluation of

adjunct faculty, see §6.10