Promotion Policy


This section contains general guidelines, expectations, and deadlines that apply to the promotion and tenure processes at the University.  Each college has a separate tenure and promotion policy document containing additional information about tenure and promotion criteria and procedures.  Each of these documents appears as an appendix in this Handbook; see the appendices I, J, and K.  Applicants for promotion and/or tenure should be mindful of both the general requirements, expectations, and deadlines as expressed in this section of the Handbook and the specific evaluative criteria, procedures, expectations, and other details that pertain to the promotion and tenure process as it is carried out in the faculty member’s college and as detailed in the relevant appendix.


The University uses four ranks for its full-time tenured or tenure-track faculty:  instructor, assistant professor, associate professor, and professor.  In addition, the ranks of lecturer and senior lecturer are used (for renewable term appointments only—non-tenure track appointments that may be renewed for an indefinite period of time.  Academic rank symbolizes and rewards the individual’s performance as a scholar, teacher, and faculty member.  Promotion to a higher rank is a decision made on an individual basis and is in no way related to tenure or any other contractual relationship between the individual faculty member and the University.  The University’s promotion policy and procedures for full-time teaching faculty indicate that promotion is not automatic and is made subject to only two conditions:  the performance of the individual teacher and the needs of the University.