Academic Support Services


8.6.1  University Libraries The University’s two libraries strive to meet the research needs of the UMW community and to enhance and support the instructional programs of the University. Simpson Library, located on the Fredericksburg Campus, houses the University’s main collection of over 367,000 printed volumes and a Government Resources Depository Collection, as well as the University Archives and Rare Book Collection.  The Stafford Campus Library houses a collection tailored to the instructional programs offered at that campus. UMW Libraries also offer access to over 100 databases and 42,000 electronic books.

8.6.2  Digital Learning Support    Digital Learning Support provides faculty support including consultations around integration of digital tools into courses, creation of digital projects, and design of hybrid or fully online courses, including development of new general education and Digital Intensive courses. Workshops around digital tools and techniques as well as partnerships with the Center for Teaching provide opportunities for faculty to expand and improve their use of digital tools in teaching and learning. Additional details are available at this website.

8.6.3  Center for Teaching    The University of Mary Washington Center for Teaching supports excellence in teaching and advances student learning at the University through a variety of programs.  The Center: offers resources and support for evidence-based teaching and learning practices that create opportunities for applied, impactful learning experiences; cultivates a collegial culture of teaching excellence on campus; serves as a hub connecting the university community across centers, services and departments; and provides holistic support for faculty throughout their careers. Additional information about the Center for Teaching is available at:

8.6.4  Printing and Copying Services   Classroom materials and other official correspondence or university documents may be reproduced on copy machines located in various academic buildings.  In the interests of sound ecological practices, photocopying should be limited to materials that are essential to teaching or other university activities.  Large scale copying and printing services are available at the Document Center in Lee Hall.  Copyrighted materials must only be reproduced under certain very limited conditions in accordance with the guidelines for fair use as outlined in § of the United States Code, unless written permission from the copyright owner is on file at the University.  Personal copies must be made at the user’s expense.

8.6.5  University Bookstore  Operated by Barnes and Noble College, the Bookstore serves as the a primary agent through which course textbooks are ordered and sold. Instructors will find the textbook adoption details on the Bookstore website (select the option titled “faculty resources”).  The Code of Virginia § 23-4.3:1, “Policies Addressing Textbook Sales and Bookstores,” requires that Virginia public colleges and universities make available to students in a central location and in a standard format on the relevant institutional website the listings of textbooks required or assigned for particular courses at the institution.  In order to meet this requirement, the University Bookstore will post textbook adoptions on the Bookstore website once titles have been researched and confirmed, a minimum of six weeks prior to the beginning of classes.