Table of Contents



1.1  Statement of Mission

1.2  History and Development of the Institution

1.3  Statement of Community Values

1.4  Statement of Guiding Principles on Diversity and Inclusion

1.5  Statement of Rights and Responsibilities

1.6  The Board of Visitors

1.7 Administrative Structure

1.7.1  President

1.7.2  Provost

1.7.3  Vice President for Administration and Finance

1.7.4  Vice President for Advancement and University Relations

1.7.5  Vice President for Student Affairs

1.7.6 Vice President for Information Technology and Institutional Research and Chief Information Officer

1.8 Role of College Deans

1.9 Role of Department Chairs

1.9.1  Appointments, Terms, and Compensation

1.9.2  Duties

1.9.3  Evaluation

1.9.4 Continuity and/or Termination of Department Chair Appointments

1.10 Departmental Structure

1.10.1  Department Meetings

1.10.2  Department Committees

1.11 Applicability of the Faculty Handbook

1.11.1  Current Version

1.11.2  Official Version

1.11.3  The Faculty Handbook and Terms of Employment

1.12 Amending the Faculty Handbook

1.12.1  Amending sections 1 – 7 of the Faculty Handbook

1.12.2 Changes to section 8 of the Faculty Handbook

1.12.3  Changes to appendices included in the Faculty Handbook

1.12.4  Enacting amendments

1.12 Organization Chart



2.1 The General Faculty

2.1.1  Definition of the General Faculty

2.1.2  Regular Meetings of the General Faculty

2.1.3  Special Meetings of the General Faculty

2.1.4  Voting Privileges at Meetings of the General Faculty

2.1.5  General Procedures for Meetings of the General Faculty

2.1.6  Meeting Rules

2.1.7  Committee of the Whole

2.1.8  Quorum

2.2 Role of the Faculty in University Governance

2.2.1  Authority and Responsibility of the Faculty

2.2.2  Final Authority of Faculty Action

2.2.3  Constraints on Faculty Action

2.2.4  Action by the President in Areas of Authority Delegated to the Faculty

2.3 The University Faculty Council (UFC)

2.3.1  Purpose of the (UFC)

2.3.2  UFC Duties

2.3.3  UFC Authority

2.3.4  Membership and Organization of the UFC

2.3.5  UFC Officers

2.3.6  UFC Meetings

2.4 University Faculty Committees

2.4.1  Organization of Standing and Other Committees

2.4.2  Authority of Standing and Other Committees

2.4.3  Meetings of Standing and Other Committees

2.4.4  University Ad Hoc Committees

2.4.5  Administrative Advisory Committees

2.5 Organization of University Standing Committees

2.5.1  Appointment of Members to Standing Committees

2.5.2  Election of Members

2.5.3  Temporary Replacements for Members of Standing Committees

2.6 Membership and Duties of University Standing Committees

2.6.1  University Academic Affairs Committee

2.6.2  University Curriculum Committee

2.6.3  University Faculty Affairs Committee

2.6.4  University Faculty Appeals and Grievance Committee

2.6.5  University Faculty Organization Committee

2.6.6  University General Education Committee

2.6.7  University Sabbaticals, Fellowships, and Faculty Awards Committee

2.7 Faculty and Advisory Committees

2.7.1  General Duties of Faculty  Advisory Committees

2.7.2  Appointments to Faculty Advisory Committees

2.7.3  Membership Terms on Faculty Advisory Committees

2.7.4  Chairs of Faculty Advisory Committees

2.7.5  Interruptions in Terms of Service

2.7.6  University faculty Advisory Committees and Faculty Service

2.8 Membership and Duties of Faculty Advisory  Committees

2.8.1  Budget Advisory  Committee

2.8.2  Distance and Blended Committee

2.8.3 First Year Seminar Committee

2.8.4 Honors Program Committee

2.8.5  James Farmer Multicultural Center Advisory Committee

2.8.6  Speaking Intensive Committee

2.8.7 Student Affairs and Campus Life Advisory Committee

2.8.8  Teaching Center Advisory Committee

2.8.9  Writing Intensive Committee

2.9 College Governance

2.9.1  Structure

2.9.2  Principles of College Governance

2.9.3 Meeting Schedule for College Governing Bodies



3.1  Faculty Appointments

3.1.1  Tenured

3.1.2  Tenure-Track

3.1.3  Renewable Term Appointments

3.1.4  Limited Term Appointments

3.2  Definition of Tenured or Tenure-Track Faculty Ranks

3.2.1  Instructor

3.2.2  Assistant Professor

3.2.3  Associate Professor

3.2.4  Professor

3.3  Renewable Term Faculty Ranks

3.3.1  Lecturer

3.3.2  Senior Lecturer

3.3.3  Policies and Procedures Applying Specifically to Renewable Term Appointments

3.4  Visiting Ranks

3.5  Rank of Adjunct Instructor

3.6  Description of  Faculty Status for Persons in Other Positions

3.6.1  Administrators with Faculty Rank

3.6.2  Administrative and Professional Faculty

3.6.3  Classified and Hourly Employees

3.6.4  Professional Development Adjunct

3.7  Special Faculty Appointments

3.7.1  Graduate Faculty

3.7.2  Affiliate Faculty

3.8  Search Procedures

3.8.1  For Full-Time Faculty Positions

3.9  Faculty Appointment Procedures

3.9.1  Letter of First Appointment

3.9.2  Establishment of the Personnel File

3.9.3  Statement of Principles Regarding Salaries for Newly Hired Faculty

3.10  Orientation for New Full-Time Faculty

3.11  Conflict of Interest

3.12  Personnel Records

3.12.1  Pre-employment Dossiers

3.12.2  Personnel Files

3.12.3  State Personnel File

3.12.4  University Personnel File

3.12.5  Review of Personnel Files

3.12.6  Grievance File

3.12.7  Promotion and Tenure Files

3.12.8  Personal Files

3.12.9  Working Papers of the President and Other Confidential Files

3.13  Faculty Leave Policies

3.13.1  Sick Leave

3.13.2  Disability Leave

3.13.3  Infant-Care Leave

3.13.4  Sick Leave Due to Family Emergency and Bereavement Leave

3.13.5  Sabbatical Leave

3.13.6  Civil Leave

3.13.7  Annual Leave

3.13.8  Leave of Absence Without Pay

3.14  Extension of Probationary Period

3.15  Fringe and Other Benefits

3.16  Separation

3.16.1  Faculty Exit Procedures

3.16.2  Resignation

3.16.3  Retirement

3.17  Non-reappointment (Notice, Reasons, Appeal)

3.17.1  Non-Renewal of Tenure Track Contracts

3.17.2  Non-Renewal of Limited Term Contracts



4.1  Termination of Appointment Before End of Term Specified in Appointment Letter

4.1.1 Financial Exigency

4.1.2 Discontinuance of a Program or Department of Instruction

4.2  Appeal Procedures in Cases Involving Appointment Termination or Reassignment

4.2.1 Consideration by University Faculty Appeals and Grievance Committee

4.2.2 Findings by University Faculty Appeals and Grievance Committee

4.2.3 Provost Review

4.2.4 Appeal of Findings and/or Provost Review

4.3  Imposing Sanctions for Alleged Violations of Policy, and Discharge for Cause

4.3.1 Grounds

4.3.2 Principles and Definitions

4.3.3 General Procedures for Addressing Allegations

4.4  Procedures for Formal Investigation of Violations of University Policy

4.4.1 Challenges to Committee Membership

4.4.2 Pre-Hearing Meetings

4.4.3 Required Notification

4.4.4 Conduct of Hearings

4.4.5 Rights to Cross Examine During Hearings

4.4.6 Evidence and Standards of Proof

4.4.7 Avoidance of Public Statements About the Proceedings

4.4.8 Formal Finding

4.5  Appeal of Major Sanctions

4.5.1 Appeal on Grounds of Inadequate Consideration

4.5.2 Appeal to the President

4.5.3 Appeal to the Board of Visitors

4.6  Allegations of Incompetence, Neglect of Duty, or Misconduct

4.6.1 Inquiry

4.6.2 Informal Investigation and Mediation

4.6.3 Formal Investigation and Resolution

4.6.4 Action in Cases of Misconduct

4.6.5 Appeal of Formal Investigation or Major Sanctions

4.7  Allegations of Discrimination or Harassment

4.8  Allegations of Misconduct in Scholarly Activity or Research

4.8.1 Research Responsibilities

4.8.2 Definitions of Academic Misconduct

4.8.3 Inquiry in Cases of Academic Misconduct

4.8.4 Reporting Requirements in Cases of Academic Misconduct

4.8.5 Interim Actions During Inquiry and/or Investigation of Academic Misconduct

4.8.6 Informal Investigation in Cases of Academic Misconduct

4.8.7 Formal Investigation

4.8.8 Maintenance of Records of Investigations in Cases of Academic Misconduct

4.9  Termination of an Appointment for Medical Reasons

4.9.1 Informal Inquiry

4.9.2 Formal Investigation

4.9.3 Appeal




5.1  Academic Freedom

5.1.1  AAUP Statements of Faculty Rights

5.1.2  Political Activities of Faculty

5.1.3  First Amendment Rights

5.2  The Honor Code

5.2.1  Student/Faculty Interactions and Honor Code

5.2.2  Faculty Actions Related to the Honor Code

5.2.3  Faculty Response to Suspected Violations of the Honor Code

5.3  Equal Opportunity and Respectful Workplace Policies

5.3.1  Equal Employment Opportunity

5.3.2  Statement of Nondiscrimination

5.3.3  Workplace Violence Policy

5.3.4  Retaliation

5.3.5  Workplace Harassment Policies

5.4  Academic Policies and Regulations

5.4.1  The Academic Year

5.4.2  Teaching Load

5.4.3  Schedule of Class Meetings

5.4.4  Classroom Teaching

5.4.5  Student and Faculty Absences from Classes

5.4.6  Course Plans and the Syllabus

5.4.7  Office Hours

5.4.8  Final Examination

4.5.9  Reporting Student Enrollment, Progress, and Final Grades

5.4.10  Student Advising

5.4.11  Academic Assistance Offered by Faculty to Students

5.4.12  Student Recommendations

5.4.13  Approval of Candidates for Degrees

5.4.14 Participation in Academic Ceremonies

5.5  Faculty Development

5.5.1  UMW Grants

5.5.2  Professional Travel

5.5.3  Jepson Fellowships

5.5.4  UMW Center for Teaching

5.5.5  Division of Teaching and Learning Technologies

5.5.6  Taking Courses

5.5.7  External Grants

5.6  Professional Issues

5.6.1  Institutional Review Board

5.6.2  Outside Employment and Consulting

5.6.3  Testifying as an Expert Witness

5.6.4  Conflict of Interest

5.6.5  Policies Addressing Textbook Sales and Bookstores

5.7  Working Conditions and Related Policies

5.7.1 Intellectual Property

5.7.2  Protection of Persons and Property

5.7.3  Policy on Use of Computers and Networks and Network

5.7.4 Virginia Freedom of Information Act

5.7.5  Access to Resources

5.8  Faculty Grievance Policy and Procedure

5.8.1  Definitions

5.8.2  Coverage

5.8.3  Non-grievable Actions

5.8.4  Bias Offense and Incident Reporting

5.8.5  Pre-panel Procedure

5.8.6  Filing of First Grievance

5.8.7  Attempt at Informal Resolution

5.8.8  Formal Procedures to Hear the Grievance

5.8.9   Formal Request to the University Faculty Appeals and Grievance Committee

5.8.10  Statement of Charges, Preparation and Distribution

5.8.11  Composition of the University Faculty Appeals and Grievance Committee

5.8.12  Procedures for Formal Committee Hearing and Distribution of Results

5.8.13  Pre-Hearing Conference

5.8.14  Procedure for Final Hearing



6.1  Annual Evaluation Principles for Full-Time Faculty

6.2  Annual Evaluation Procedures

6.2.1  Role of the Department

6.2.2  Role of the Dean and the Provost

6.2.3  Appeals Process

6.3  Minimal Performance Criteria and Annual Evaluations

6.3.1  Evaluation Criteria

6.3.2  Teaching

6.3.3  Professional Activity

6.3.4  Service

6.4  Annual Evaluation Documents

6.4.1  The Faculty Annual Activities Report (FAAR)

6.4.2  The Curriculum Vitae

6.4.3   The Department Chair Evaluation Commentary

6.4.4  Annual Performance Review (APR)

6.4.5  Special Assignments Performance Review (SAPR)

6.4.6  Annual Performance Weighting Form (APWF)

6.5  Guidelines for Completing the FAAR

6.5.1  Teaching

6.5.2  Scholarly, Creative, Professional Activity

6.5.3  Service

6.6  The Schedule for Annual Evaluation

6.6.1 Principles

6.6.2  Dates

6.6.3  Late Documents

6.7 Faculty Salaries

6.8  Annual Salary Adjustments

6.8.1  Annual Salary Adjustments

6.8.2  Salary Adjustment Process

6.8.3  Pay Dates

6.8.4  Salary Checks

6.8.5  Salary Advances

6.9 Addressing Unsatisfactory Performance

6.9.1  Unsatisfactory Performance Rating for Untenured Faculty

6.9.2  Unsatisfactory Performance Rating for Tenured Faculty

6.9.3  Unsatisfactory Performance Review

6.9.4  Action on Unsatisfactory Performance Review Recommendation

6.9.5  Commitment to Academic Freedom and Tenure

6.10 Evaluation of Adjunct Instructors



7.1  Promotion Policy

7.2  General Minimum Promotion Requirements

7.2.1  General Minimum Requirements for Promotion to Senior Lecturer

7.2.2  General Minimum Requirements for Promotion to Assistant Professor

7.2.3  General Minimum Requirements for Promotion to Associate Professor

7.2.4  General Minimum Requirements for Promotion to Professor

7.3  Individual Criteria for Promotion

7.4  Institutional Rank Structure Policy

7.5  Promotion Procedure

7.6  Tenure Policy

7.6.1  Purpose of Tenure

7.6.2  Authority to Grant or Withhold Tenure

7.7  Tenure Requirements

7.7.1  General Requirements

7.7.2  Time of Service and Eligibility for Tenure

7.7.3  Probationary Period

7.8  General Promotion and Tenure Calendar

7.9  Contents of the Tenure and Promotion File

7.10  Expectations for the Constituents in the Promotion and Tenure Process

7.11  University’s Expectations for the Promotion and Tenure Process

7.12  Promotion and Tenure Appeals



8.1 Distinguished Professor

8.2  Emeriti Faculty

8.2.1  Distinguished Professor Emeritus/Emerita

8.2.2  Professor Emeritus/Emerita

8.2.3  Associate Professor Emeritus/Emerita

8.3 Faculty Awards

8.3.1  The Grellet C. Simpson Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching

8.3.2  Award for Excellence in Graduate Teaching

8.3.3  The Alumni Association Outstanding Young Faculty Member Award

8.3.4  The Mary Pinschmidt Award

8.3.5  The J. Christopher Bill Service Award

8.3.6  Outstanding Faculty Awards (SCHEV)

8.4  Assorted Administrative Services, Procedures, and Policies

8.4.1  Campus Closings

8.4.2  Keys

8.4.3  Mail

8.4.4  Posters/Signs

8.4.5  Telephones

8.4.6  Purchasing and Disbursing Procedures

8.4.7  Travel Regulations

8.4.8  Accident Reporting

8.4.9  Smoking Policy

8.4.10  Alcohol Policy

8.4.11  Drug-Free Certification

8.5 Academic Support Services

8.5.1  University Libraries

8.5.2  Teaching and Learning Technologies

8.5.3  University Teaching Center

8.5.4  Printing and Copying Services

8.5.5  University Bookstore

8.6 Academic Services and Support for Students

8.6.1  Advising Services

8.6.2  Office of the Registrar

8.6.3  Office of Disability Resources

8.6.4  Writing Centers

8.6.5  Speaking Center

8.6.6  Multicultural Center

8.6.7  Center for international Education

8.6.8  Career Services

8.6.9  Student Services

8.6.10 UMW Cares


APPENDIX A : Faculty Performance Evaluation Forms







APPENDIX B: Honor Constitution

APPENDIX C: Policy And Statements On Academic Freedom

APPENDIX D: General Complaint Procedure for Students

APPENDIX E: Faculty Handbook Style Sheet

APPENDIX F: Rules of order for the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) Faculty Council and CAS Faculty Committees

APPENDIX G: Rules of order for the College of Business (COB) Faculty Senate and COB Faculty Committees

APPENDIX H: Rules of order for the College of Education (COE) Faculty Senate and COE Faculty Committees

APPENDIX I: College Of Arts And Sciences (CAS) Promotion And Tenure Procedures

APPENDIX J: College Of Business (COB) Promotion And Tenure Procedures

APPENDIX K: College Of  Education (COE) Promotion And Tenure Procedures

APPENDIX L: Rules Of Order For Meetings Of The University Faculty Council

APPENDIX M: Rules of Order for General Faculty Meetings