Graduate Faculty

This listing includes those faculty qualified to teach graduate courses in the programs offering graduate course work.

Note: Dates in parentheses indicate year of appointment to the University faculty and year when present rank and/or title was attained. This listing includes full-time, continuing teaching faculty of the University of Mary Washington as of June 1, 2019.


John P. Broome, Associate Professor of Education (2008, 2017)

B.A., The College of William and Mary; M.Ed., George Mason University; Ph.D., University of Virginia

John D. Burrow, Lecturer in Management (2014, 2017)

B.S., University of Mississippi; MPA, Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University; D.M., University of Maryland University College

Antonio R. Causarano, Associate Professor of Education (2014, 2018)

M.A., University of Findlay (Ohio); M.A., Ph.D., University of New Mexico

Wei Chen, Associate Professor of Management (2009, 2015) 

B.A., Xiamen University, China; M.S., Ph.D., Texas Tech University

Courtney M. Clayton, Associate Professor of Education (2009, 2015)

B.A., University of Pennsylvania; M.A., University of San Francisco; Ph.D., Boston College

Teresa L. Coffman, Professor of Education (2004, 2014) 

B.A., Hood College; M.A., San Francisco State University; Ph.D., Capella University

Janine Schank Davis, Associate Professor of Education (2012, 2018)

B.A., Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University; M.Ed., Boston College; Ph.D., University of Virginia

Alexandra M. Dunn, Assistant Professor of Management (2017, 2017)

B.A., Elon University; M.A., Ph.D., University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Beverly D. Epps, Associate Professor of Education (2005, 2005)

 B.S., M.Ed., Ph.D., University of Virginia

R. Leigh Frackelton, Jr., Professor of Law and Taxation (1986, 1998)

B.A., Washington & Lee University; J.D., University of Richmond; MLT, The College of William and Mary

Jacqueline Gallagher, Associate Professor of Geography (2006, 2010)

B.Sc., University of Wales, College of Swansea; M.Sc., Memorial University of Newfoundland; Ph.D., University of California at Los Angeles

Christopher J. Garcia, Associate Professor of Quantitative Business Methods (2012, 2017)

B.S., Old Dominion University; M.S., Nova Southeastern University; M.S., Florida Institute of Technology; Ph.D., Old Dominion University

Kimberly S. Gower, Assistant Professor of Management (2016, 2016)

BSBA, Michigan Technological University; MBA, University of Michigan at Flint; Ph.D., Virginia Commonwealth University

Rachel L. Graefe-Anderson, Associate Professor of Finance (2012, 2018) 

B.Sc., The Pennsylvania State University; M.Sc., Ph.D., Purdue University

Stephen P. Hanna, Professor of Geography (1997, 2009)

B.A., Clark University; M.A., University of Vermont; Ph.D., University of Kentucky

David L. Henderson, III, Associate Professor of Accounting (2011, 2015) 

B.A., Mary Washington College; M.S., The George Washington University; Ph.D., Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University

Jane L. Huffman, Associate Professor of Education (2007, 2007)

B.S., M.S., Radford University; Ed.D., Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University

Kimberley L. Kinsley, Senior Lecturer in Business Law (2003, 2012)

B.S., University of Maryland; M.A., J.D., University of Detroit

Michael S. Lapke, Associate Professor of Management Information Systems (2012, 2018)

B.S., M.S., University of North Florida; Ph.D., Virginia Commonwealth University

Marco Millones Mayer, Assistant Professor of Geography (2016, 2016)

B.A., Pontificia Universidad Catόlica de Peru; M.A., University of Miami; Ph.D., Clark University

Venitta C. McCall, Professor of Education (1980, 2005)

B.S., Niagara University; MBA, University of North Florida; Ed.D., Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University

George R. Meadows, Professor of Education (1997, 2012) 

B.S., Marshall University; M.S., Emory University; Ed.D., West Virginia University

Woodrow D. Richardson, Professor of Management (2013, 2018)

B.S., Auburn University; MBA, Ph.D., University of Arkansas

Brian R. Rizzo, Associate Professor of Geography (2007, 2011) 

B.A., M.A., University of Western Ontario; Ph.D., University of Virginia

Victoria K. Russell, Associate Professor of Education (2013, 2018)

B.A., Loyola University; M.A., M.Ed., The College of William and Mary; Ed.D., The George Washington University

Sayan Sarkar, Assistant Professor of Accounting (2016, 2016)

B.A., Delhi University; M.A., Sheffield Hallam University; MBA, Ph.D., University of Texas at El Paso

Marie P. Sheckels, Professor of Education (1981, 1999) 

B.A., Saint Mary’s College; M.A., The Pennsylvania State University; Ph.D., University of Maryland

Mukesh Srivastava,  Professor of Management Information Systems (2004, 2015) 

B.S., Garhwal University, India; MBA, Jackson State University; DBA, University of Surrey, United Kingdom

Jo Tyler, Professor of Linguistics and Education (1999, 2009)

B.A., Michigan State University; M.Ed., University of Virginia; M.A., Ph.D., University of Florida

Ping Yin, Associate Professor of Geography (2014, 2019)

B.E., M.E., Tsinghau University (China); Ph.D., University of Georgia

Xiaofeng Zhao, Professor of Management Science (2007, 2019)

B.S., Xiam Jiaotong University; M.Phil., Northwestern University; MBA, Indiana University of Pennsylvania; Ph.D., University of Tennessee