Accounting Course Offerings

Accounting course offerings will be found under the 4 letter code of ACCT in the course listings.  

560 – Auditing (3)

Prerequisites: ACCT 302 or equivalent and BPST 316 or equivalent. Recommended prerequisite: ACCT 305. Recommended prerequisite for ACCT 560: ACCT 564. This course covers generally accepted auditing standards as they apply to the study of audit preparation and procedures, creating working papers, and audit write-up. The course also covers internal and external audit procedures and a comprehensive study of professional auditing ethics and professional responsibilities. ACCT 560 also requires a research paper and presentation in a selected area relevant to auditing. (Course is cross-listed as ACCT 460. Credit is not granted for both ACCT 460 and ACCT 560 or MBUS 560.)

561 – Advanced Accounting (3)

Prerequisite: ACCT 305 or equivalent. This course applies financial accounting principles to the preparation of consolidated financial statements, segment disclosures, foreign currency adjustments and translations, partnership accounting, reorganizations and liquidation, and mergers and acquisitions. ACCT 561 also requires a research project and presentation covering a topic related to the course. (Course is cross-listed as ACCT 461. Credit is not granted for both ACCT 461 and ACCT 561 or MBUS 561.)

562 – Income Tax Procedure (3)

Prerequisite: ACCT 301 or equivalent. This course presents an analysis of federal tax laws for individuals and unincorporated organizations. Key tax accounting principles are examined, including the measurement of income, asset exchanges, capital transactions, and business expenses.

563 – Organizational Behavior (3)

Prerequisite: ACCT 301 or equivalent. This course examines the taxation of corporations, partnerships, and limited liability companies. Includes corporate organizations and §351 transfers, corporate income tax, subchapter S, dividends, non-liquidating distributions other than dividends, liquidating distributions, redemptions, corporate reorganizations, and transfer of corporate tax attributes. Also includes income tax aspects of partnership formations, distributions,  withdrawals, and terminations.

564 – Accounting Information Systems (3)

Prerequisite: ACCT 305 or equivalent and MBUS 509 or MMIS 500. This course covers the use of information technology in effectively managing and controlling the financial transactions associated with electronic commerce in a global, internet-based economy. Systems selection, development, and implementation are analyzed, as are the business processes that are integral to the value chain. Specific transaction  cycles are discussed with a focus on internal controls.

565 – Governmental and Nonprofit Accounting (3)

Prerequisite: ACCT 305 or equivalent. This is a study of nonprofit organizations emphasizing accounting for governments, hospitals, universities, and other nonprofit entities. It covers principles of fund accounting, financial reporting,  budgeting, and auditing governmental and  nonprofit organizations. ACCT 565 students must also complete a research project and presentation in a topic/area of interest germane to governmental or not-for-profit accounting. (Course is cross-listed as ACCT 465. Credit is not granted for both ACCT 465 and ACCT 565 or  MBUS 565.)