Classics, Philosophy, and Religion Department

Craig R. Vasey, Chair

Liane R. Houghtalin, Career Advisor (Classics)
Craig R. Vasey, Career Advisor (Philosophy)
Mehdi Aminrazavi, Career Advisor (Religion)


(The person’s subject field is indicated in parentheses.)


David K. Ambuel (Philosophy and Religion), Kurt E. Leidecker Co-Chair of Asian Studies
Mehdi Aminrazavi (Philosophy and Religion), Kurt E. Leidecker Co-Chair of Asian Studies
James E. Goehring (Religion)
Liane R. Houghtalin (Classics)
Nina Mikhalevsky (Philosophy)
Craig R. Vasey (Philosophy)

Associate Professors

Mary Beth Mathews (Religion)
Jason P. Matzke (Philosophy)
Angela L. Pitts (Classics)
Joseph M. Romero (Classics)

Assistant Professor

Daniel A. Hirshberg (Religion)