Business Administration Minor

College of Business

The Business Administration minor provides the conceptual foundations necessary to analyze current issues in business. Essential courses in accounting, MIS, management and marketing combine theory and practice to build a strong knowledge base of core business processes. Advanced business topics allow students to develop knowledge in a specific area. The Business Administration minor complements many majors and provides an opportunity for students to examine and evaluate the complex components of today’s competitive business environment.

Requirements for the Business Administration Minor

Eighteen (18) credits are required. BUAD 105; ACCT 101; MIST 201; MGMT 301; MKTG 301; and one additional upper-level (300-400) BUAD, ACCT, BLAW, DSCI, FINC, MGMT, MIST, or MKTG course excluding BUAD 350, 499; DSCI 353; FINC 301; MKTG 499; and MGMT 490.