Undergraduate Business Degree Program

The College of Business faculty works together closely to support the University’s liberal arts mission. Accordingly, the integrated curriculum provides a balanced rigorous foundation in the core areas of Accounting, Business Administration, Business Law, Decision Sciences, Management Information Systems, Finance, Management, and Marketing, all in the context of the broad liberal arts environment provided by the University.

The Faculty hold high expectations of the students and themselves with the goal of developing skills in diagnosing, analyzing, developing and implementing solutions to a wide variety of problems in public and private organizations. The College promotes active learning by encouraging students to manage complex, interdisciplinary problems, marshal resources, and take responsibility for implementing effective solutions. Expected student involvement includes research problems, group case analyses, internships and consulting with organizations throughout the region. Students are encouraged to actively involve themselves in professional service, contributions to society, and the life-long pursuit of knowledge through scholarship and research.

In an environment of mutual trust and support, concerned faculty help students learn the elements of managing resources to achieve a purpose while emphasizing the skills of writing, presenting, and speaking; technological proficiency; and critical thinking in a global context. The students’ relationship with faculty  is facilitated by small class size. The faculty work closely with students to instill the values of intellectual integrity and objectivity; tolerance and respect for individuality and diversity; the intrinsic rewards of ethical behavior and social responsiveness; and appropriate competitive vigor balanced with the value of effective collaboration with others.

The Business Administration program provides students the opportunity to go forward in the broadest range of professional directions and build sound and rewarding careers.

The academic program leading to a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration provides a broad, intellectual outlook and analytical skills for students who wish to combine a liberal arts education with academically rigorous course work in administration and decision-making needed for an eventual career in management or in preparation for graduate study. Course work provides an understanding of the variety of approaches to the complexity of managerial decision-making in the contextual framework of a global society.

An “Executive-in-Residence” program offers students the opportunity for wide-ranging discussions and contact with chief executives from important organizations in the private, public, and not-for-profit sectors.

Scholarships available for majors in the College of Business include the Frances Holsclaw Brown ’44 Scholarship, the Coleman Family Farm Scholarship, the Evelyn Harrell Scholarship, the Fred. E. Miller Memorial Scholarship, the Benjamin T. Pitts Scholarship, The Elizabeth Griffith Schmidt ’35 Scholarship, the Harry Skinker Scholarship, the George and Monecial Helton Taylor, ’81 Scholarship in Business, and the Wachovia Scholarship in Business.

Students who establish outstanding records of academic achievement may be elected to Sigma Beta Delta, the international honor society for AACSB-accredited schools.