Admission to the Education Program

Admission to the Teacher Education Program is by application directly to the College of Education. Admission is competitive and is based on academic achievement in the undergraduate program and on other indications of potential in meeting the program goals. Students interested in seeking credentials to teach should contact the College of Education as early in their college career as possible and must attend a Group Information Session on the Teacher Education Program. Group Information Sessions are offered throughout the academic year. At these sessions, students are informed of the features and requirements of the program. Students are advised of the required Minimum Performance Standards and are asked to apprise the department of requests for accommodations. Prospective transfer students who are interested in the Teacher Education Program should attend one of these Group Information Sessions.

Admission, continuation, and exit requirements are defined within a three-stage procedure: (1) Undergraduate Admission, (2) Graduate Admission, and (3) Successful Completion of the Program and Recommendation for Licensure. Detailed descriptions of the program requirements are explained on the College of Education web page.

For Undergraduate Admission and permission to take the first education course, Education 203 or 204, current UMW students must have passed the Praxis Core test or qualifying equivalent assessments, attained a 2.5 GPA or better on at least 12 UMW credits, completed the Child Abuse Recognition and Intervention training, and have attended an Education Group Information Session on the Fredericksburg campus. Applications are due October 1 for admission to Education 203 or 204 during the subsequent spring semester, and February 1 for admission to EDUC 203 or 204 during the subsequent fall semester. Transfer students who have a 3.25 GPA and have taken an education course at their previous institution may apply to take EDUC 203 or 204 their first semester at UMW. They should submit their application for EDUC 203/204 by May 15 for fall enrollment or December 15 for spring enrollment. Applications can be found on the College of Education web page. Transfer students who do not submit applications by these deadlines or do not meet the above requirements should apply to take these courses once they are enrolled at UMW under the guidelines for current UMW students.

After the students pursuing elementary licensure, secondary, preK-12, or Special Education  successfully complete Education 203 or 204, they are assigned to a professional studies cohort that is determined by the year that they will complete the graduate course work. Students are required to participate in regular cohort advising.

To continue in the program, students are responsible for following the regulations and application deadlines.  To continue in the program students must do the following: (a) maintain good academic standing with an overall GPA of 2.5 or better; (b) achieve a GPA of 3.0 or better on the required professional education courses; (c) demonstrate satisfactory progress on all Professional Competencies; (d) be current on all Professional Clearances; (e) achieve satisfactory evaluations in all field experiences; and (f) participate in regular cohort advising. Students not accepted into the Program should note that there is a 12-credit limit on education course work that may be applied toward the degree. A student who receives more than one C in an education course will be dismissed from the program.

Students who apply for the fifth or graduate year of the M.S. in Elementary Education program or one of the secondary or preK-12. M. Ed. Initial Licensure 5-year Pathway programs must submit their application for Graduate Admission. Applications for graduate admission and internship are due by November 1. For students in the M.S in Elementary program the specialization request is due on the same date.

Students who apply for the fifth or graduate year of one of the Special Education, K-12 M.Ed. Initial Licensure 5-year Pathway programs must submit their application for Graduate Admission by November 1 of their final year of undergraduate study.

To receive Graduate Admission to the Program students must do the following: (a) continue to meet the criteria listed for continuation in the program, (b) successfully complete required course work, (c) receive a bachelor’s degree from UMW, (d) and must achieve passing scores on Praxis II, the Virginia Communication and Literacy Assessment, and for those students in the Elementary program and Special Education: General Curriculum program , the Reading for Virginia Educators assessment.

For successful completion of the program and recommendation for licensure to the Virginia Department of Education students must do the following: (a) earn a 2.5 minimum overall GPA, and a minimum GPA of 3.0 in the professional studies sequence (undergraduate and graduate); (b) complete of all degree requirements; (c) earn a grade of “B” or better in the Teaching Internship; and (d) achieve passing scores on Praxis II (required for Elementary, Secondary or P12 licensure programs), the Virginia Communication and Literacy Assessment, and the Reading for Virginia Educators Assessment  (elementary and special education only) as required and established by the Virginia State Board of Education.