Course Descriptions

To see the courses offered in a particular subject discipline, use the selection box at the top of this page or click on one of the sets of course descriptions in the list at the right side of this page.

Undergraduate courses are numbered from 100-499.  Courses numbered 100 through 199 are ordinarily elementary or introductory. Courses numbered 200 through 299 may assume prior study or competence in the subject, acquired in secondary school or in college. Courses numbered 300 through 498 assume either previous course work or special competence in the field. Courses numbered 499 are internships. Individual study courses offer learning opportunities in areas or subjects not covered by regular courses.

Courses numbered 500 through 599 are for graduate students. Courses numbered in the 800s and 900s are non-degree professional development courses at the pre- or post-baccalaureate level. These courses cannot be used toward the completion of degree programs at the University. Courses numbered below 100 do not carry credit that may be applied to a degree.

Prerequisite courses must be taken in the appropriate sequence to count toward graduation.  A prerequisite for a course is the required preparation for that course.  If course 101 is specified as a prerequisite for course 102, then course 101 must be successfully completed (passed) before the student takes course 102. Course prerequisites are listed in the course descriptions published in this Catalog, and are also available in the online Schedule of Courses. Students are responsible for checking their courses before registering.

As a general rule, no course may be taken for credit that is a prerequisite for, or introductory to, a course already completed successfully.  In rare instances, and in the event of compelling reasons, a student may need to take a course out of sequence (e.g., take a course that is a higher-numbered course before or concurrently taking the lower-numbered, prerequisite course). Students seeking permission to take a course out of sequence MUST obtain the permission of the course instructor, the department chair, and approval from the Office of Academic and Career Services prior to registration. Permission is noted on the Office of Academic and Career Services General Request Form available in Lee Hall, Room 206.  For additional details, contact the Office of Academic and Career Services.

A co-requisite is a course to be taken at the same time as another specified course, or courses, as designated by the department.  A co-requisite course may also be completed before taking the course or courses with which it is paired.  If one course in the co-requisite pair is completed before the other, the student should call the Office of the Registrar during the registration time to be registered in the remaining co-requisite course.