Classics Course Offerings

Classics course offerings will be found under the 4 letter code of CLAS in the course listings.

103 – Ideas and Culture: Greek Civilization (3)

An introduction to ancient Greek literature, thought, art, drama, architecture, and culture from the Bronze Age to the Hellenistic Era, with particular focus placed upon fifth century Athens.

105 – Ideas and Culture: Roman Civilization (3)

An introduction to ancient Roman literature, thought, art, architecture, and culture from the Early Republic to the dissolution of the empire, with particular focus placed upon the Late Republic and Early Empire.

110 – Greek and Roman Mythology in Art and Literature (3)

The principal Greek and Roman myths, with emphasis on their appearance in literature and art.

130 – Classical Themes in Literature (3)

Introduction to the study of literature, following key themes in classical epic, lyric, and drama, and their reception or disavowal in Western and non-Western literatures.

202 – Ancient Tragedy (3)

The dramas of Aeschylus, Sophocles, and Euripides.

204 – Epic Traditions (3)

A comparative study of epic poetry from the ancient civilizations of Mesopotamia, Greece, and Rome.

211 – Greek and Roman Religion (3)

The public, personal, and mystery religions of the Greeks and Romans, and the development of classical religious ideas. Cross-listed as RELG 211.

305 – Egyptian and Near Eastern Art and Archaeology (3)

Prerequisite: ARTH 114. Using the methodologies developed by archaeologists and art historians, this course will examine the artistic and architectural traditions of Egypt and the Near East from the prehistoric through the Greco-Roman periods. Cross-listed as ARTH 305.

310 – Women in Antiquity (3)

Prerequisite: CLAS 103, 105 or 110. The nature, roles, and lives of women in ancient Greece and Rome.

351, 352 – Special Studies in Classical Civilization (3, 3)

Prerequisite will vary, depending on topic.  Reading and study in a specialized area of ancient culture.

380 – Archaeology of the Greek and Roman World (3)

Prerequisite: ARTH 114 or CLAS 103 or 105. Study of the archaeological excavation of the Greek and Roman world, with emphasis on the history, techniques, and ethics of classical archaeology.

390 – The Ancient City (3)

Prerequisite: ARTH 114 or CLAS 103 or 105. The growth and development of selected urban centers in the Greek and Roman world, with emphasis on the archaeological record.

485 – Guided Research in Classics (3)

Prerequisites: senior Classics major or junior Classics major with permission of instructor. Preparation of a senior thesis under the direction of the Classics faculty. Recommended for all Classics majors; required for graduation with Honors in Classics.

491, 492 – Individual Study in Classical Civilization (1–4)

Individual study under the direction of a member of the staff. By permission of the department.

499 – Internship (1-4)

Supervised off-campus learning experience, developed in consultation with the Classics faculty.