Classics, Philosophy, and Religion

Classics-Philosophy-Religion Course Offerings

Classics-Philosophy-Religion course offerings will be found under the 4 letter code of CRPD in the course listings.

100 – Topics in Classics, Philosophy, and Religion (3)

Special interdisciplinary offerings in Classics, Philosophy, and Religion

104 – Meditation and Contemplative Practices (3)

This course offers a practical, experiential and theoretical introduction to Mindfulness Meditation and Contemplative Practices.  Students learn and practice meditation techniques while exploring the contemplative practices and theories of a variety of cultural traditions (such as Buddhism, Taoism, Native American religious traditions, ancient Greek and Roman philosophical and dramatic traditions) and from a variety of disciplinary perspectives (such as dramaturgy, psychology, philosophy, neuroscience, religion).

299 – Mysterium Humanum Studies (3)

Different topics of fundamental human concern are treated at different times in this interdisciplinary course involving the entire faculty of the Department of Classics, Philosophy, and Religion. Topics covered in the past include “Wrestling with Death,” “The Tempest of Time,” “Sex and Society in the West,” and “Slavery.”

301, 302 – Studies in Ancient Languages (3, 3)

Introduction to the morphology and syntax of selected ancient languages relevant to the study of Classics, Philosophy, and Religion (such as Coptic, Quranic Arabic, and Sanskrit). By permission of instructor. These courses do not satisfy the College’s general education requirement for proficiency in a foreign language.

304 – Contemplative Practice II (3)

Prerequisite: CPRD 104.  Contemplative Practice II is a continuation of its prerequisite CPRD 104.  In this class students will further develop and refine their experience with meditation practice by exploring additional techniques and specific topics beyond those covered in the introductory class.  The class also covers an overview of trends in contemporary psychological and neuroscientific research on meditation, and engages in an in-depth investigation of related philosophical concepts and debates.

331 – Cross-disciplinary Topics in Classics, Philosophy, and Religion (3)

A consideration of a theme from the perspective of two or three of the disciplines taught in the Department of Classics, Philosophy, and Religion.