Dance Course Offerings

Dance course offerings will be found under the 4 letter code of DANC in the course listings.

121, 122 – Beginning Ballet (1, 1)

Note for 122: Prerequisite: DANC 121 or permission of instructor. Classical ballet technique for the beginning student, emphasizing vocabulary, alignment, and precision of movement. S/U credit only.

123, 124 – Beginning Modern Dance (1, 1)

Note for 124: Prerequisite: DANC 123 or permission of instructor. Introduction to the technique of modern dance with a focus on breath, alignment, balance, and flexibility. S/U credit only.

141, 142 – Beginning Jazz (1, 1)

Note for 142: Prerequisite: DANC 141 or permission of instructor. Introduction to jazz technique through an exploration of alignment, strength, lyricism, and rhythm. S/U credit only.

225, 226 – Summer Workshop (1-4,1-4)

Prerequisite: Permission of Department. An intensive course focused on the production of plays and musicals for the student interested in developing professional skills in the theatre. Cross listed as THEA 225, 226.

243 – Dance Improvisation (3)

Exploration of spontaneous dance composition through manipulation of spatial, temporal, and dynamic qualities of movement.

301, 302 – Intermediate Ballet (2, 2)

Note for 301: Prerequisite: DANC 122 or permission of instructor. Note for 302: Prerequisite: DANC 301 or permission of instructor. Ballet as a discipline, emphasizing exactness and precision of line, creative expression, and historical reference.

303, 304 – Intermediate Modern Dance (2, 2)

Note for 303: Prerequisite: DANC 124 or permission of instructor. Note for 304: Prerequisite: DANC 303 or permission of instructor. Study of the various techniques emphasizing alignment, strength, flexibility, and the aesthetic elements of dance.

305, 306 – Intermediate Jazz (2, 2)

Note for 305: Prerequisite: DANC 142 or permission of instructor. Note for 306: Prerequisite: DANC 305 or permission of instructor. Study of jazz dance techniques and exploration of movement as related to jazz music.

491, 492 – Individual Study (1–3 each)

Research, choreography, or composition of an approved creative project. By permission of the department.

499 – Internship (Credits variable)

Supervised, off-campus experience, developed in consultation with the department.