Digital Studies

Digital Studies Course Offerings

Digital Studies course offerings will be found under the 4 letter code of DGST in the course listings.

101 — Introduction to Digital Studies (3)

Introduces an interdisciplinary approach to using technology and specifically provides a foundation for the Digital Studies Minor. Coursework may include digital approaches to creativity, historiography, media analysis and thinking critically about and through digital culture.

201 — Tinkering, Hacking, and Making (3)

This course introduces students to the process of making, from initial design to the finished product, and to the emerging maker culture. Students are introduced to a variety of tools and practices for the development and making of objects using innovative software and hardware.

301 – Special Topics in Digital Studies (3)

Variable topics in digital culture, digital creativity, or digital methodology.  Consult the Schedule of Courses for specific course titles.

395 – Applied Digital Studies (3)

Prerequisite: DGST 101. Apply the skills and methodologies developed in the Digital Studies curriculum toward larger-scale, self-designed digital projects that contribute meaning fully to some cultural field, academic discipline, social issue, and other research question.

483 – Digital Project Consulting Practicum (1)

Students in the course will develop their skills with a variety of digital tools and technologies used at the University for the purpose of providing peer support on digital projects. Students will also receive instruction in effective tutoring techniques and creating technical documentation and support materials. No more than 4 credits of DGST 483 may count toward the 120 hours required for graduation; three may be counted in the Digital Studies minor.