Finance Course Offerings

Finance course offerings will be found under the 4 letter code of FINC in the course listings.  

301 – Principles of Finance (3)

Prerequisite: ECON 201 or 202; ACCT 102 or ACCT 110 or equivalent; MIST 201 or equivalent; and STAT 180 or equivalent; and College of Business major or Financial and Quantitative Analysis minor or permission of the Associate Dean for Faculty.  An overview of financial management which provides identification and solution of financial problems. Coverage includes the role of financial management, tools of financial analysis, cost of capital, financial structure, long term assets and financial forecasting.

401 – Advanced Corporate Finance (3)

Prerequisite: FINC 301.  This course develops the processes of making optimal strategic decisions by applying corporate financial theory to cases of financial policy, financial instruments and valuation.  The course will focus on six broad topics including cost of capital and capital budgeting, discounted cash flow valuation and financial multiples, payout policy, equity and debt financing, corporate control and recapitalizations, and corporate governance.

430 – Financial Modeling (3)

Prerequisite: FINC 301.  This course introduces students to technology supporting financial modeling and decision making.  Students will learn to apply and extend the concepts they have learned in the introductory finance course into a spreadsheet model framework of Microsoft Excel.  The course examines modeling in four primary areas: (1) corporate finance models, (2) fixed income securities models, (3) portfolio models, and (4) option pricing models.

471 –Seminars in Finance  (1-3)

Special topics of interest to faculty and students are discusses in individual seminars which focus on Finance.

491  – Individual Study in Finance (1-3)
Prerequisites:  Junior or senior status, requires permission of instructor and permission of the Associate Dean for Faculty. Directed by a finance faculty member, students conduct individual research focusing on an approved topic of interest in finance.