First-Year Seminar

First-Year Seminar Course Offerings

First-Year Seminar course offerings will be found under the 4 letter code of FSEM in the course listings.

Students enrolling in the Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science degree program are required to take one first-year seminar course as part of their general education requirements. Students transferring to UMW with credits earned after the student had matriculated to another college or university (in other words, not through high school “dual enrollment” courses) do not have to meet the first year seminar requirement. Transfer students with fewer than 30 credits may take a first-year seminar course as an elective, if so desired.

Any course listed as FSEM 100 (First-Year Seminar) fulfills the first year seminar requirement, as does HIST 201, First-Year Seminar in European History, HIST 202, First-Year Seminar in American History, or HONR100, Honors First-year Seminar . (See the History and Honors sections of this Catalog.)

100 – First-Year Seminar (3)

Prerequisite: Freshman standing (30 credits or less). The first-year seminar introduces students to the pursuit of intellectual inquiry. Students will study a non-traditional topic in a non-traditional way while exploring the concept of a liberal arts education. Specific topics will vary from course to course. Transfer students enrolling at UMW with more than 30 credits may not take this course.

List of FSEM 100 topics offered in 2012 – 2013 or approved for fall 2013.

Note: all of these topics may not actually be offered in the 2013-2014 academic year.  Other topics may be developed.

American Detective Fiction

Art of Mathematics

Autism in Contemporary Literature and Film

Banned and Dangerous Art 

Cars, Roads, and Cities

Celluloid Vampire: Dracula from Page to Screen

Cinderella to Harry Potter

Cold Case: Theatre Mysteries


Culture Works and The Graphic Novel 

Do and Don’t for Do-Gooders

Energy Resources in the 21st Century 

Ethics and Literature

Everybody’s a Little Bit Rascist

Evolution of Jazz

Feminist issues from the second wave to the present

Finding Fashion

French New Wave: Cinema and Society

Holocaust in German and U.S. Cultures


International Short Fiction by Women

Lost and Forgotten Manuscripts of Early Christianity

Mashups and Makerbots 

Major Germanic Myths

Mozart and Amadeus

No Place like Home: Housing and Society

Parasites: Monsters within

Pirates, Liars, and Pigeons: Not Your Typical Math Course

Politics, Culture, and Global Media

Race and Revolution – Ideas Worth Sharing

The Bad Seed: Roots of Evil?

The Art of Life’s War

The Idea of Cool

The Videogame Canon: The Most Important Videogames Ever Made

True Crimes: America’s Most Wanted 

Travel Writing

Virtual Vernacular: Recording Community Music

When Americans Came Marching Home: The Veteran in U.S. History

Writing Ecology