Honors Program

Honor Course Offerings

Honor course offerings will be found under the 4 letter code of HONR in the course listings.

100 – Honors First-Year Seminar (3)

The honors first-year seminar introduces students to the goals of the honors program, interdisciplinary studies, and liberal learning.  Students will develop the intellectual skills necessary for critical thinking, writing, oral expression, and academic argument. Specific topics will be based on instructor background and interests. Fulfills the first-year seminar general education requirement.

201 – Honors Service Learning

Supervised on-campus or off-campus mentored service learning project developed in consultation with the Honors Program Committee.

List of HONR 100 topics approved for offering in 2013-2014.

Note: all of these topics may not actually be offered in the 2013-2014 academic year.

Is Trying to be Happier as Futile as Trying to be Taller?

Mad Scientists, Bad Scientists and Evil Geniuses: The Complicated Relationship between Science and Society

Sexuality in Southern Literature

Scientific Controversies in the Media

Participatory Play – Games Without Walls

The Russian Novel

The Grail Legend

Creating the Political Mind

Shakespeare and Popular Culture

*Also note that  History 201 or 202 or First Year Seminar 100 courses that bear the HN designation in the course schedule also fulfill the HONR 100 requirement for honors students.