Middle Eastern Studies

Middle Eastern Course Offerings

The Middle Eastern Studies program is a multi-discipline program.  Course Descriptions for these classes can be found under the individual disciplines.

ARAB 351 – Classical Arabic Literature in Translation

ARAB 352 – Modern Arabic Literature in Translation

ARTH/CLAS 305 – Egyptian and Near Eastern Art and Archeology

GEOG 304 – Geography of the Middle East

HIST 337 – Medieval Islamic Civilization

HIST 338 – From Mongols to Ottomans

HIST 339 – Modern Middle East History

HIST 385 – The Arab-Israeli Conflict

HIST 386 – Modern Iraq

HIST 387 – Turkey from Empire to Republic

PSCI 355 – Politics of the Middle East and North Africa

RELG 210 – Islam

RELG 341 – Major Religious Thinkers

Additional courses may count toward the minor, with the approval of the Middle Easter Studies Program Director.