Museum Studies

Museum Studies Course Offerings

The Museum Studies program is a multi-discipline program.  Course Descriptions for these classes can be found under the individual disciplines.

ARTH 315 – Art Museum Studies

ARTH 317 – Laboratory in Museum Studies

ANTH 309 – The Anthropology of Art

ANTH 341 – Practices of Memory

ANTH 342 – Touring Cultures

CLAS 380 – Archaeology of the Greek and Roman World

HISP 200 – Introduction to Museum Studies

HISP 208 – Introduction to Conservation

HISP 303 – Archives and Society

HISP 320 – American Forms and Values

HISP 471 – Special Studies in Historic Preservation

HISP 463 – Laboratory in Museum Design and Interpretation

HIST 471 – Special Studies in History

Students should contact the chair of the Department History and American Studies regarding which special topics courses are approved to count towards this minor.