Museum Studies

Museum Studies Course Offerings

The Museum Studies program is a multi-discipline program.  Course Descriptions for these classes can be found under the individual disciplines.

ANTH 309 – The Anthropology of Art

ANTH 341 – Practices of Memory

ANTH 342 – Touring Cultures

ARTH 315 – Art Museum Studies

ARTH 317 – Laboratory in Museum Studies

ARTH 460 – Women and Western Art

CLAS 380 – Archaeology of the Greek and Roman World

HISP 200 – Introduction to Museum Studies

HISP 208 – Introduction to Conservation

HISP 303 – Archives and Society

HISP 313 – Education and Interpretation in Museums and Historic Sites

HISP 320 – American Forms and Values

HISP 323 – Heritage Tourism

HISP 463 – Laboratory in Museum Design and Interpretation

HIST 428 – Digital History

NOTE: AMST 303 (American Studies Junior Seminar) may count as an elective course, with the approval of the Museum Studies Committee.

Students should contact the chair of the Department of Classics, Philosophy, and Religion regarding which special topics courses are approved to count towards this minor.