Requirements for Bachelor of Liberal Studies Degrees

The Bachelor of Liberal Studies (BLS) degree general education requirements are as follows; see the general education list for the courses that will meet the various requirements.

Quantitative Reasoning: One course focusing on the role of quantitative information in various settings and the ability to reason abstractly.

Natural Science: One course focusing on the natural sciences and including a laboratory component focusing on the scientific mode of inquiry and the ways in which the natural sciences affect students’ everyday experiences and choices as citizens.

Quantitative Reasoning or Natural Science: One course focusing on the role of quantitative information and the ability to reason abstractly, or natural science, or mathematical applications such as computer science, logic or music theory.

Human Experience and Society: Two courses from two different disciplines that explore the forces shaping human activity, relationships, social structures, institutions, and intellectual systems.

Global Inquiry: One course focusing on global interconnections related to economic, political, cultural, social, public health, or environmental issues.  An approved study abroad or other field program can fulfill this requirement if it includes a satisfactory evaluation of written reflection of a student’s experience in that program by a University of Mary Washington faculty member.

Arts, Literature, and Performance: Two courses focusing on art, literature, or performance, with at least one course focusing on the appreciation and interpretation of artistic expressions. The other course may provide an opportunity for exploring the process of creating artistic work, by pursuing a course in the “process” sub-category, or provide an opportunity for further work (a second course) within the sub-category of “appreciation.”

Across the Curriculum Requirements. These requirements may be met by general education, major, or elective courses.

Writing Intensive: Three courses designated writing intensive (WI), which may include English Composition (English 101) or its equivalent.

Speaking Intensive: One course designated speaking intensive (SI).