Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science Major Program Requirements

A major program within a single discipline requires at least 30, but no more than 48, credits. All must be graded credits. Students must take at least one-half of the major program at Mary Washington, earning a grade-point average of 2.00 in the courses. Many students complete two major programs to satisfy diverse personal or career interests. The maximum overlap allowed in the case of double majors is nine (9) credits. Students who intend to “double major” should also read the section titled “Second Degree or Post-Baccalaureate Major.”

A first time B.A./B.S. student is eligible to declare a major by submitting the Major/Minor Declaration Form to the chair of the chosen department at the end of their first year or upon the completion of 28 credits. Students are expected to have declared their major at the end of their second year. The department will assign a major advisor. The student may change to a different major simply by visiting the new academic department of interest.

In addition to majors in the traditional arts and sciences disciplines, the University offers an interdisciplinary special major program leading to a general liberal arts and studies degree (either B.A. or B.S., depending on the content of the curriculum). A student and faculty advisor may design a special major program by selecting, from two or more departments, courses that define a coherent field of concentration. Three of these interdisciplinary majors, American Studies, Interdisciplinary Science Studies, and Women and Gender Studies, have their general requirements outlined in this Catalog. In other cases, the student working with a faculty member creates the outline of an individualized special major. Examples of recently-approved individual special majors include Biochemistry, Creative Non-Fictional Writing, Italian Studies, Linguistics, Medieval Studies, Public Affairs, and Journalism. Any student interested in developing an individual special major program must apply to the College of Arts and Sciences Curriculum Committee prior to completing five courses in the proposed special major program. The approval of the Committee is required before an individually designed special major program can be undertaken. Additional details about special majors are available. Majors in American Studies, Interdisciplinary Science Studies, and Women and Gender Studies may be declared through the regular major declaration process.

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Bachelor of Liberal Studies (BLS) Major Program Requirements

A BLS student may select from many liberal arts majors offered by the University or may choose the Leadership and management major, which is available only to BLS students. A BLS student may also create an approved, coherent interdisciplinary BLS Special Major from the offerings of at least two departments. Additional details about the BLS Special Major are available. At least fifteen credits in the major must be earned at the University of Mary Washington. Students must also earn a grade-point average (GPA) of at least a 2.0 in the major/concentration area. BLS students who intend to “double major” should read the section titled “Second Degree or Post-Baccalaureate Major.”

Second Degree or Post-Baccalaureate Major

A student who has earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Mary Washington and wishes to pursue further undergraduate work may either complete a post-baccalaureate major and have it noted on the permanent record (with the date of completion) or earn a second degree if it is different from the first degree (for example, a subsequent B.A. or BLS, if the first degree was a B.S.).

A student who earned his or her first degree from another institution must enter Mary Washington as a transfer student, then complete the major program and general education requirements of the second degree as defined in the Academic Catalog in effect at the time of matriculation into the second degree.

Post-Baccalaureate Major. A student who has earned a degree at UMW who is completing only an additional major must complete the Major Program requirements printed in the Academic Catalog at the time of major declaration if the student has not discontinued enrollment at UMW for more than two semesters. A student returning after an absence of more than two semesters will be required to complete the major program requirements listed in the Academic Catalog in effect at the time of re-enrollment. Any B.A./B.S. student wishing to pursue a post-baccalaureate major must apply in the Office of the Registrar. A BLS student must apply in the BLS Office.

Second Degree. The student must apply for admission to the new degree program through the Office of Admissions and must earn at least 30 additional credits at Mary Washington after completion of the first degree. No more than 14 of these credits can be completed prior to matriculation for the second degree. The most appropriate 90 credits will be selected to count toward the second degree. The student must complete the major program and general education requirements in the Academic Catalog in effect at the time of matriculation into the second degree.