German Major

Department of Modern Languages and Literatures

Department Faculty

The German Program

Through courses in German, students gain linguistic proficiency, as well as understanding of the literatures and cultures of the German- speaking world. Electronic resources are used extensively to supplement classroom instruction. Upper-level classes are conducted in German.

Double majors are possible, and non majors may also take advantage of the language program. The resident program director of this area is a native speaker of German and sponsors various inter-cultural programs.

The Department of Modern Languages and Literature cooperates with a variety of overseas study programs, advises and encourages students wishing to study abroad, and helps in planning their foreign study programs. Credits can be accepted from abroad to fulfill major requirements. UMW offers programs in German-speaking countries of varying lengths, making it possible for students to study during spring break, summer or for a semester or year there.

Graduates in German may pursue careers in government or in private fields in which the knowledge of this language and culture is essential, including interpreting, translating, research, social services, education, or international business.

Requirements for the German Major

Thirty-two (32) credits in German including GERM 311; at least two courses chosen from GERM 393, 394, and 395; and additional German courses at the 300- or 400-level and IDIS 350M.

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