Leadership and Management Studies Major (BLS only)

Bachelor of Liberal Studies Program

Ana Garcia Chichester, Program Director

Leadership and Management is a multidisciplinary major open only to students in the Bachelor of Liberal Studies Program.  Students pursuing a B.A. or B.S. degree may not declare this major.

The major in Leadership and Management provides students with basic management skills.  The course of study is organized to produce effective and intellectually agile leaders. Students gain advanced critical thinking skills, firm ethical reasoning abilities, and a readiness to participate productively in the workplace and the community.

Business administration courses within the Leadership and Management major introduce students to central theoretical issues regarding management organization and processes within business, industrial, and governmental environments. Additional courses are grounded in liberal arts disciplines recognized by employers as crucial to career growth.

The category of courses in Ethical issues helps guide students in decision making and requires them to evaluate the consequences of managerial choices. Organization and Government allows the student to gain knowledge about the structures of private and public systems. Leadership and Communication guides the student’s skills in the communication and understanding of those systems. Through courses in Leadership and Diversity students learn about the populations that managers must engage and to which they must communicate effectively.

A capstone course encourages students to conduct research through an individual study experience guided by a faculty mentor and/or to complete an internship in a subject appropriate to the major and under the guidance and direction of a faculty advisor and an agency supervisor.

Requirements for the Leadership and Management major

Thirty-nine (39) credits to include the following (consult the relevant sections of this Catalog for course titles and descriptions).

1. Required Courses (27 credits): BPST 314, CIST 301, LRSP 201, LRSP 311, LRSP 316, LRSP 344, LRSP 406, LRSP 412, and one of the following; LRSP 460, BLST 491, or BLST 499.

2. Twelve (12) additional credits taken from the following three categories, to include at least three (3) credits in each category:

A. Ethics and Diversity (3 credits):  CPSC 302, ECON 332, ECON 351, ECON 352, ECON 354, ENGL 206, ENGL 243, GEOG 331, HIST 313, HIST 314, HIST 315, HIST 327, HIST 328, HIST 384, IDIS 203, PHIL 160, PHIL 225, PSYC 333, PSYC 347, PSYC 350, RELG 101, RELG 276, RELG 305, RELG 317, SOCG 304, SOCG 315, SOCG 341, or SOCG 421.

B. Organization and Government (3 credits): ECON 202, ECON 311, ECON 312, EESC 321, EESC 330, FREN 313, GEOG 338, GERM 313, PHIL 100, PHIL 210, PSCI 201, PSCI 202, PSCI 311, PSCI 312, PSYC 301, PSYC 385, PSYC 386, PSYC 387, or SPAN 393.

C. Leadership and Communication (3 credits): COMM 205, COMM 206, COMM 208, COMM 209, COMM 350, COMM 351, COMM 352, COMM 354, COMM 356, CPSC 103, CPSC 104, CPSC 105, CPSC 106, CPSC 310, CPSC 348, CPSC 350, ENGL 200, ENGL 300, LING 101, LING 202, LING 301, PHIL 151, THEA 218, or THEA 261.