Journalism Minor

Department of English, Linguistics, and Communication

Department Faculty

The interdisciplinary minor in journalism teaches students essential skills for working in a news environment, such us how to gather facts, evaluate them and disseminate them simply and clearly for print and online audiences, as well as how to critically examine the institution of mass media.

Requirements for the Minor in Journalism

The minor requires eighteen (18) credits. Fifteen (15) are from journalism courses: ENGL 200, ENGL 300, ENGL 301, ENGL 380 (a 1-credit course taken three times), and either ENGL 491 or ENGL 499 with a focus in journalism. Another three (3) credits must be completed from electives: ARTS 104, ARTS 219, COMM 341, COMM 357, CPSC 106, DGST 101, DGST 395, ENGL 312, MUTC 100, PSCI 363. Other courses with relevant content may be substituted with approval by the Department of English, Linguistics, and Communication.