Applied Statistics Minor

Department of Mathematics

Department Faculty

The minor in applied statistics provides students with the necessary background for careers in statistics and its applications in diverse fields. The minor is open to students from all majors. It offers an opportunity for students to develop the skills expected of entry-level statistical analysts; equipping them with the tools to help companies, organizations, political campaigns and businesses to better anticipate and manage variation.

Requirements for Applied Statistics Minor

A minimum of fifteen (15) credits are required. Nine (9) credits must be from STAT 280, 320 and 420. Students may choose 6-7 credits from DATA 401, 402, 419; ECON 462, MKTG 411, PSYC 360, SOCG 364, STAT 381, 382, or 491 or equivalent 3-credit research experience in statistics to be approved by the Chair of the Department of Mathematics.