Contemplative Studies Minor

Dan Hirshberg, Program Director, Department of Classics, Philosophy, and Religion

Contemplative Studies Program
Affiliated Faculty

The Contemplative Studies minor is an interdisciplinary minor, incorporating both humanities and science components, studying the practice, theory, and history of contemplation in diverse traditions. The Contemplative Studies minor will give students a basic and interdisciplinary grounding in four broad areas: 1) study of contemplation across traditions and history, 2) study of the role of contemplation within various human endeavors, including philosophy, religion, art, performance, and science, 3) acquaintance with modern scientific studies in psychology and neuroscience of the effects of contemplation on the brain and well-being, and 4) practical experience and training in techniques of meditation and contemplative practice.

Requirements for the Contemplative Studies Minor

Eighteen (18) credits to include CPRD 104, 304: PSYC 100; and three (3) courses from the following; at least 6 credits at the 300-level: ARTH 350, 352, 354, 470; CLAS 202; CPRD 299; BIOL 410; GEOG 335; PHIL 201; PSYC 305, 351; RELG 283, 284, 287, 331, 340; any 491 (with approved topic). Other courses can be substitute with approval of the program director.