Data Science Minor

Stephen Davies, Program Coordinator, Department of Computer Science

Affiliated Faculty

The minor in Data Science teaches principles and builds skills in the science of how and why we use data. It is an attractive option that can enhance the credentials for students in a wide variety of domains. Decision making across all levels is increasingly shifting away from subjective human judgment and expert opinion and is being replaced by superior evidence-based approaches driven by data and analytical models. Data Science is the discipline concerned with gathering and manipulating large volumes of data, developing statistical models to gain critical insights from it, understanding the behavior of complex systems through simulation, and making non-trivial decisions optimally, often in response to quickly changing conditions. The minor in Data Science is designed to provide students with the fundamental coursework to succeed in this area.

Requirements for Data Science Minor

Requirements for the Data Science Minor Eighteen (18) credits to include: (a) three (3) credits from STAT 280, DSCI 259, ECON 361, PSYC 360, or SOCG 364; (b) DATA 101; (c) DATA 219; (d) any two DATA courses numbered 300 or higher, or any DATA course numbered 300 or higher and STAT 320; and (e) any additional DATA course numbered 300 or higher, or any course from the following list: ECON 462, PSCI 490.

Course Descriptions for Disciplines in the Minor:

Data Science (DATA)

Decision Sciences (DSCI)

Economics (ECON)

Political Science (PSCI)

Psychology (PSYC)

Sociology (SOCG)

Statistics (STAT)