Digital Studies Minor

Zach Whalen, Program Director

Affiliated Faculty 

Digital Studies engages students in the discovery, analysis, and creation of digital information and media. As an interdisciplinary minor, students will gain the academic and technological skills necessary to analyze information and communicate in an increasingly digital world.  The Digital Studies Minor requires an introductory course, a capstone course, and elective courses across disciplines of study that explore the creation and use of digital information and the related social, legal, cultural, epistemological, and historical issues. Students will gain technological skills necessary to critically research, evaluate, and produce digital information and new media. Through collaborative work with digital tools, students will produce new information resources and will apply digital technologies in meaningful ways across various disciplines of study. The capstone experience requires independent research, interdisciplinary analysis, technological skills, and the production of a publicly accessible digital studies or new media project.

The minor incorporates (among others) the disciplines of American studies, anthropology, art and art history, communication, computer science, English, historic preservation, history, Spanish, and political science from which students may select elective courses. The minor is open to students from any discipline in the arts and sciences, education, or business colleges at UMW.

Students interested in enrolling in the minor should contact the director of the Digital Studies minor for additional details.

Requirements for the Digital Studies Minor

Eighteen (18) credits to include one introductory class (DGST 101); one capstone course from an approved list; twelve credits (four courses) in electives from a pre-approved list. The electives must be in at least two different disciplines and at least two must be at the 300-level or beyond.

Capstone: 3 credits. HISP 428; ENGL 451; individual studies or other courses as approved by the director.

Introductory class for the Digital Studies Minor

DGST 101 — Intro to Digital Studies (3 credits)

Introduces an interdisciplinary approach to using technology and specifically provides a foundation for the Digital Studies Minor. Coursework may include digital approaches to creativity, historiography, media analysis and thinking critically about and through digital culture.

General Electives for the Digital Studies Minor (take at least 12 credits)

ARTS 104, 341, 454; COMM 353, 370F; CPSC 106; ENGL 202H, 245, 251AA, 251Y, 314, 359, 376VV, 386; HISP 303; HIST 325, 471D7; PSCI 363, 471K1; SPAN 413

Electives may also include specific versions of courses taught by particular faculty or relevant special topics classes, as approved by the program director.

Capstone (3 credits)

HIST 428; ENGL 457S; 491s (individual or collaborative) or other courses as approved by the director.