English Literature Minor

Department of English, Linguistics, and Communication

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The minor in English literature offers the opportunity to study literature on an advanced level and to develop critical thinking, writing, and research skills alongside the enjoyment of literature. Students can explore a range of genres, including poetry, fiction, drama, and creative non-fiction; a range of national traditions, including not only British and U.S. literature but also literature written in English from around the globe; and a range of historical periods, from the Middle Ages to the present. Courses examine literary works’ diverse artistic forms and cultural significances and introduce students to the most important historical and contemporary methods of reading literary texts.

Requirements for the Minor in English Literature

The minor requires eighteen (18) credits in English as follows: ENGL 295 and fifteen credits in literature on the 300- or 400-level, which must include at least: two courses in pre-1900 literature, at least one of which must be in pre-1800 literature; one course in post-1900 literature; and one course in literature of historically marginalized groups.