Sports Management Minor

The minor in Sports management is designed to give students the opportunity to complement a major program of study with a concentration of courses in the sports management industry. These courses will provide them with desirable credentials which will enhance future employment opportunities. Students will be introduced to the basic principles of management, marketing, law, finance, and ethics in sport. Students will have an opportunity to apply the basic principles to practical situations in the sport management industry; such as, facility and event planning, budgeting, and facility operations for the professional , semi-professional and collegiate sports venues. Students completing this minor will be equipped for graduate level inquiry and/or relevant careers in the sport management industry.

Requirements for the Sports Management Minor

Eighteen (18) credits including MKTG 301, IDIS 130, 230; PHYD 330, 499; and one of the following: MGMT 301 or IDIS 301.

Course Descriptions for Disciplines in the Minor:

Interdisciplinary Studies (IDIS)

Management (MGMT)

Marketing (MKTG)

Physical Education (PHYD)

NOTE: With the exception of PHYD 330 and 499, all other Physical Education (PHYD) courses are graded satisfactory/unsatisfactory (SA or UN grades) and may not be taken for a letter (A-F) grade. PHYD courses taken as SA/UN do not ever count toward a student’s grade point average. PHYD 330 and 499 letter (A-F) grades do count toward a student’s grade point average.