Appendix L



University Faculty Council has established the following rules of order for conduct of its meetings.

L.1 Meeting Rules  University Faculty Council  meetings shall be conducted according to Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised, unless noted otherwise in these Rules of Order.

L.2 Voting Privileges  Voting privileges extend to the elected members of the University Faculty Council.

L.3 Quorum  A quorum for UFC meetings of record is a majority of voting members that includes at least one member from each member election category (CAS, COE, COB, At-large).

L.4 Attendance  Attendance at University Faculty Council meetings is open to all faculty, administrators and students.

L.5 Order of Business  The agenda of University Faculty Council meetings will be set by the Chairperson, with  assistance provided by the Secretary. The agenda will be distributed to all members of the Council and all teaching faculty at least two working days before a scheduled meeting.  The Chairperson may include additional items on the agenda after it has been distributed. The order of business in regularly scheduled meetings of the UFC will include the following: Call to order; reading of and approval of Minutes; Reports from President, Provost, Deans; Chair’s report (e.g., from meetings w/ admin, other committees, groups); reports from University-level standing committees; Reports from UFC subcommittees/study groups; other unfinished business; other new business; announcements; adjournment. Written reports are preferred.

L.6 Recognition by Chairperson  An individual may speak when recognized by the Chairperson. Unless more time is granted by the chair, visitors must conclude their remarks within 5 minutes.

L.7 Motions from the Floor  Motions for consideration by the UFC shall be made from the floor by UFC members during regularly scheduled meetings. After being seconded, motions from the floor shall be discussed and considered unless or until the UFC Chair orders referral to a committee or the motion is tabled. Approval of motions from the floor shall be by a majority of those present and voting, upon determination that a quorum is present.

L.8 Motions Recommended by Report  Standing committees of the University and ex officio members of the UFC may include recommended motions in their reports to the UFC (see §L.5). In order for such recommended motions to be considered by the UFC, the motion must be made from the floor by a UFC member during a regularly scheduled UFC meeting. Debate and consideration of the motion shall follow the procedure in section L.7.

L.9 Motions normal to the operations of organized groups but which are not central to the functions of the University (e.g., resolutions of sympathy, congratulations, etc.) may be acted upon immediately.

L.10  Every motion shall be reduced to writing if any member of the UFC requires it.

L.11  Proxy Voting  Proxy votes are allowable. The written designation of one’s proxy must be given to the secretary of the University Faculty Council at the beginning of the meeting at which the vote is to be taken. The secretary of the UFC will indicate which member is holding the absent member’s proxy at the opening of the meeting.

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