Section 1: Mission, History, and General Organization

1.1  Statement of Mission

1.2  History and Development of the Institution

1.3  Statement of Community Values

1.4  Statement of Guiding Principles on Diversity and Inclusion

1.5  Statement of Rights and Responsibilities

1.6  The Board of Visitors

1.7 Administrative Structure

1.7.1  President

1.7.2  Provost and Chief Academic Officer

1.7.3  Vice President for Administration and Finance

1.7.4  Vice President for Advancement and University Relations

1.7.5  Vice President for Student Affairs and Chief Student Affairs Officer

1.7.6 Vice President for Enrollment Management

1.7.7 Vice President for Equity and Access and Chief Diversity Officer

1.8 Role of College Deans

1.9 Role of Department Chairs

1.9.1  Appointments, Terms, and Compensation

1.9.2  Duties

1.9.3  Reporting and Evaluation

1.9.4 Continuity and/or Termination of Department Chair Appointments

1.10 Departmental Structure

1.10.1  Department Meetings

1.10.2  Department Committees

1.11 Applicability of the Faculty Handbook

1.11.1  Current Version

1.11.2  Official Version

1.11.3  The Faculty Handbook and Terms of Employment

1.12 Amending the Faculty Handbook

1.12.1  Amending sections 1 – 7 of the Faculty Handbook

1.12.2 Changes to section 8 of the Faculty Handbook

1.12.3  Changes to appendices included in the Faculty Handbook

1.12.4  Enacting amendments

1.13 Organization Chart