Amending the Faculty Handbook


When a policy change or procedural revision is adopted that needs to be reflected in this Faculty Handbook, it is incumbent upon the body adopting the change or approving the revision to provide the necessary amendment(s) in appropriate Handbook language at the time the action is taken.   See Appendix E (Faculty Handbook Style Sheet) for guidance on preparing materials for inclusion in the Handbook.

1.12.1  Amending sections 1 – 7 of the Faculty Handbook    Amendments to these sections are adopted by the Board of Visitors. Recommendations for such amendments may come either from the President or directly from the University Faculty Council. In the latter case, they must first be approved formally by a majority vote in a meeting of the University Faculty Council, except as provided in §§ and Recommendations for Faculty Handbook amendments may also come by a vote of the General Faculty, if reconsidering an action on an amendment that was passed by the UFC and voted on but not approved by the faculties in the colleges as stipulated in §§ and  (See also §2.1.6.)

1.12.2  Changes to section 8 of the Faculty Handbook    Because this section contains information about a variety of university policies and services that faculty members need to know, and these policies and services are subject to change by the units in charge of them, corrections to the material contained in this section may be made when the Faculty Handbook is updated without necessarily having a formal vote of approval by the Board of Visitors.

1.12.3  Changes to appendices included in the Faculty Handbook    Material in each appendix is created and maintained by separate offices or groups.  The appendices are included for information and reference.  In some cases, an appendix outlines specific procedures followed by one of UMW’s colleges (such as the college’s governance and committee structure, or a particular college’s tenure and promotion policies and procedures).

1.12.4  Enacting amendments   Approved changes to the Faculty Handbook go into effect in August at the start of the next academic year following their adoption unless otherwise stated in the amendment itself.   The Office of the Provost is responsible for annually updating the Faculty Handbook to incorporate any amendments approved through the procedures specified above.  The Office of the Provost will annually notify the faculty of any changes made to the Faculty Handbook, and will ensure that those changes are appropriately published and distributed.