Applicability of the Faculty Handbook


This Handbook applies exclusively to instructional faculty of the University of Mary Washington.  Instructional faculty are individuals who hold either full-time or part-time teaching appointments in various academic departments and programs and who teach courses for credit toward University of Mary Washington degrees. Administrative and professional faculty are persons holding academic rank who are appointed by the President to perform the administrative and support functions.  Administrative and professional faculty have a separate handbook applying only to them.

1.11.1  Current version    The current version of this Handbook supersedes all previous versions, and its terms replace those contained in previous versions.   This version will remain in effect until amended in accordance with the procedures outlined in §1.11.

1.11.2  Official version    The official version of the Faculty Handbook is the electronic version published on the University web site.  The Office of the Provost maintains the official version of the Faculty Handbook, found at:

1.11.3  The Faculty Handbook and terms of employment   The faculty member’s most recent employment letter contains the terms of the employment contract.  Unless that letter contains terms that expressly supersede the information contained in this Faculty Handbook, the Handbook should be considered as governing the faculty member’s employment. It should not, however, be considered as part of the university’s contractual agreement with individual faculty members.  While this Handbook contains much useful information, other official publications also contain information about institutional policies and procedures that faculty members are expected to follow in their various roles.  Additionally, other offices will from time to time distribute information about policies and procedures that apply generally to all employees.  The Handbook is designed to serve as a guide to the relationship between the faculty members and the university, and it seeks to outline duties, rights and responsibilities of faculty members.