The Board of Visitors


Chapter 9.2, §§23-91.34 through 91.44, Code of Virginia, established Mary Washington College as an independent institution effective July 1, 1972, with a twelve-member Board of Visitors to serve as the governing and policy-making body for the institution.  On July 1, 2004, the name of the institution was changed to the University of Mary Washington.  The legal title of the Corporation of the University is “The Rector and Visitors of the University of Mary Washington.”  Members of the Board are appointed by the Governor of Virginia for a term of four years. A visitor may serve two four-year terms, in addition to completing an unexpired term.  The Rector of the Board is elected by the Visitors from its membership for a two-year term.  Consistent with the powers vested in it by statute, the Board enacts policies to guide the operation of the University and employs the President of the University of Mary Washington to serve as the Chief Executive Officer of the University with the responsibility for implementing Board policy.