Statement of Rights and Responsibilities


 [Adopted by the Student Association, Faculty, and the Rector and Visitors, 1973.  Statement updated by the Rector and Visitors in 2012.  See also §1.3, Statement of Community Values, and §1.4, Statement of Guiding Principles on Diversity and Inclusion. ]

• Members of the University community have responsibilities incumbent upon all citizens, as well as the responsibilities of their particular roles within the academic community.

• All members share the obligation to respect the right to freedom of inquiry, of religion, of speech, of press, of peaceful assemblage, of association, and of petition to the institution for a redress of grievances.

• The members of the University community have the right to due process in matters concerning discipline or status as members of the University community.

• All members of the University community have other responsibilities and rights incident to the educational process and to the re­quirements of the search for truth and its free presentation.

• The enumeration of the rights and responsibilities outlined in this statement shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the members of the University community.

• The term “member of the University community” embraces the University as an institution, the faculty as a body, and all members of the administration, faculty, staff, and student body in their official and individual capacities.