Section 2: Governance

2.1 The General Faculty

2.1.1  Definition of the General Faculty

2.1.2  Regular Meetings of the General Faculty

2.1.3  Special Meetings of the General Faculty

2.1.4  Voting Privileges at Meetings of the General Faculty

2.1.5  General Procedures for Meetings of the General Faculty

2.1.6  Meeting Rules

2.1.7  Committee of the Whole

2.1.8  Quorum

2.2 Role of the Faculty in University Governance

2.2.1  Authority and Responsibility of the Faculty

2.2.2  Final Authority of Faculty Action

2.2.3  Constraints on Faculty Action

2.2.4  Action by the President in Areas of Authority Delegated to the Faculty

2.3 The University Faculty Council (UFC)

2.3.1  Purpose of the UFC

2.3.2  UFC Duties

2.3.3  UFC Authority

2.3.4  Membership and Organization of the UFC

2.3.5  UFC Officers

2.3.6  UFC Meetings

2.4 University Faculty Committees

2.4.1  Organization of Standing and Other Committees

2.4.2  Authority of Standing and Other Committees

2.4.3  Meetings of Standing and Other Committees

2.4.4  University Ad Hoc Committees

2.4.5  Administrative Advisory Committees

2.4.6 Councils

2.4.7 Boards

2.5 Organization of University Standing Committees

2.5.1  Appointment of Members to Standing Committees

2.5.2  Election of Members to Standing Committees

2.5.3  Temporary Replacements for Members of Standing Committees

2.6 Membership and Duties of University Standing Committees

2.6.1  University Academic Affairs Committee

2.6.2  University Curriculum Committee

2.6.3  University Faculty Affairs Committee

2.6.4  University Faculty Appeals and Grievance Committee

2.6.5  University Faculty Organization Committee

2.6.6  University General Education Committee

2.6.7  University Sabbaticals, Fellowships, and Faculty Awards Committee

2.7 Faculty and Advisory Committees

2.7.1  General Duties of Faculty  Advisory Committees

2.7.2  Appointments to Faculty Advisory Committees

2.7.3  Membership Terms on Faculty Advisory Committees

2.7.4  Chairs of University Faculty Advisory Committees

2.7.5  Interruptions in Terms of Service

2.7.6  University Faculty Advisory Committees and Faculty Service

2.7.7 Student Appointments to Faculty Advisory Committees

2.8 Membership and Duties of Faculty Advisory  Committees

2.8.1 Bachelor of Liberal Studies Committee

2.8.2 Budget Advisory  Committee

2.8.3  Distance and Blended Committee

2.8.4 First Year Seminar Committee

2.8.5 Honors Program Committee

2.8.6  James Farmer Multicultural Center Advisory Committee

2.8.7 Journalism Intensive Committee

2.8.8  Speaking Intensive Committee

2.8.9 Student Affairs and Campus Life Advisory Committee

2.8.10  University Teaching Center Advisory Committee

2.8.11  Writing Intensive Committee

2.9 College Governance

2.9.1  Structure

2.9.2  Principles of College Governance

2.9.3 Meeting Schedule for College Governing Bodies