College Governance


2.9.1  Structure    Each college of the university shall determine the specific structure and membership of its governance bodies. The college faculty and dean, and the Provost must approve this structure. The governance structure shall include elected faculty representatives from each academic unit of the college. The governance bodies will have the function of advising the dean on college governance matters, including curriculum, student academic policies, budget and planning, and personnel (including evaluation, promotion, and tenure). The college governance bodies may also make recommendations to the UFC, other university faculty committees, and other appropriate bodies. Each college will have bylaws that provide a statement of purpose and function, and an appropriate committee structure for discharging faculty responsibilities and making decisions pertinent to the governance of the college. The governing documents of the colleges are included as appendices in the Faculty Handbook.

2.9.2  Principles of College Governance   The faculties of the colleges define their governing bodies and determine the processes and procedures of governance they will employ, consistent with the policies in this Handbook. The UFC has oversight to ensure that the policies and actions of the college governing bodies are in accordance with the University Faculty Handbook, and consistent with University goals, values, and mission (see § All colleges, and if so sub-divided, each of their departments, must ensure that their governing bodies:  Operate in a democratic manner and in accordance with the best traditions of the academic profession;  Adopt bylaws or standing rules that are made available to all members and that undergo periodic review;  Meet as frequently as necessary to ensure good communication and the timely conduct of business, mindful of the constraints imposed by the overall University governance structure and approval timelines;  Hold meetings that follow an agenda distributed in advance; and  Record the proceedings of the meetings in minutes that are distributed to and approved by the faculty of the college and/or department.

2.9.3  Meeting Schedule for College Governing Bodies     The meeting schedule for college faculty governing bodies is developed each year by the Provost’s office in collaboration the UFC leadership and the presiding officers of the college governing bodies. This schedule will be announced by July 1 of each year.  Any changes from the established meeting schedule must be communicated at least one week in advance to all of the college’s faculty members, to the UFC chair, and to the Presidents of the other college governing bodies.