Faculty Appointment Procedures


3.9.1  Letter of First Appointment   When a candidate verbally accepts an offer, the dean informs the Provost and an appointment letter will be sent from the Provost’s Office following approval of the appointment by the Board of Visitors at its next regular meeting.  By signing and returning a copy of this letter of first appointment, the individual indicates acceptance of the offer of employment and thereby establishes a contract with the University.  In addition to salary information and appointment responsibilities, the letter states the length and conditions of the appointment and whether it is subject to renewal or is a limited-term appointment.  If there is prior service, which would shorten the probationary period prior to consideration for tenure (see §§3.1.2, 7.7.2, and 7.7.3), the letter will acknowledge that and specify the length of that probationary period.  The letter will be accompanied by a current Faculty Handbook, which details all policies and procedures governing evaluation, reappointment, termination, and tenure.  When the candidate signs and returns a copy of the official letter to the Human Resources Office (HRO), the appointment is finalized.

3.9.2  Establishment of the Personnel File    The completed application dossier of the appointed candidate is transferred from the academic department to the HRO, where it becomes the official state personnel file of the newly appointed faculty member (see §3.11.3).

3.9.3  Statement of Principles Regarding Salaries for Newly Hired Faculty   No newly hired faculty member will ordinarily receive a salary higher than the salary of current faculty members with the same qualifications.  In any given year, salaries for newly hired faculty members with the same qualifications will ordinarily be equal.  If the administration believes that a newly hired faculty member has extra qualifications (i.e., previous teaching experience, significant publication record, etc.) and thus deserves a higher salary than others hired at the same time, those qualifications and the financial weight given to them will be explained to department chairs.  If the administration believes that exceptions due to market factors are necessary in some salaries at the time of hire or in subsequent salary adjustments or corrections that are not included in the annual salary adjustment policy (see §6.8.1), those exceptions and the criteria for them will be explained to all department chairs.