Non-reappointment (Notice, Reasons, Appeal)


The University is guided by the AAUP “Standards for Notice of Nonreappointment” of  tenure-track faculty.  Policy concerning notice of nonreappointment is set forth in the following statement (1940, revised 1964 and 1990) from American Association of University Professors Policy Documents and Reports (9th edition):

1.  Not later than March 1 of the first academic year of service, if the appointment expires at the end of that year; or, if a one-year appointment terminates during an academic year, at least three months in advance of its termination.

2.  Not later than December 15 of the second academic year of service, if the appointment expires at the end of that year; or, if an initial two-year appointment terminates during an academic year, at least six months in advance of its termination.

3.  At least twelve months before the expiration of an appointment after two or more years in the institution.

3.17.1  Non-Renewal of Tenure-Track Contracts    

For any regular (tenure-track) faculty member, even one in the first academic year of service, who is not to be reappointed (other than in instances of dismissal for cause or of a faculty member’s failure to fulfill the terms of a conditional contract), the University notifies that faculty member of the nonreappointment decision before May 15 of the decision year and offers a full terminal-year appointment for the ensuing academic year.  Notification of nonreappointment is conveyed in a letter from the dean.  The letter states the reason(s) for the termination, with reference to specific performance shortcomings.  Appeal of the nonreappointment decision of the dean may be made, in writing, to the Provost, whose decision is final.  Faculty on limited term appointments (see §3.1.4) may assume termination at the end of the specified term, regardless of performance.  Reappointment may be offered by the University as needs may dictate, with as much notice as can conveniently be given.

3.17.2 Non-Renewal of Renewable Term Contracts    

If the department chair, dean, and Provost agree not to renew a faculty member’s renewable term appointment (RTA) contract, except for cause, the faculty member will receive written notice of the decision and an explanation of the basis for the decision.  See §4.4 for policies and procedures regarding termination for cause.  For RTA faculty under an initial appointment, the deadline for notification of non-renewal is December 15 of the academic year in which the appointment ends. For RTA faculty under a reappointment, notification of non-renewal is due 12 months prior to the expiration of the reappointment. If written notification of non-renewal is not provided by the required deadline, the faculty member will be offered, at the Provost’s sole discretion, either: i) a final one-year limited term contract for the academic year following the one in which the appointment ends; or ii) equivalent separation pay calculated on the basis of the faculty member’s annual salary multiplied by a factor of 1.20 (to account for the value of fringe benefits).

3.17.3 Non-Renewal of Limited Term Contracts    

Appointments of this type are provided for a fixed term of service as specified in the contract, usually one semester, one summer session, or one academic year. Because these contracts are non-renewable, notification of non-renewal is not required.