Special Faculty Appointments


3.7.1  Graduate Faculty    Appointment to membership in the graduate faculty of the university is made by the Provost.  Graduate faculty status is provided to qualified full-time faculty members teaching in programs offering graduate level courses and/or degrees.  Nominations for membership in the graduate faculty are made by the faculty member’s department and are sent by the department chair to the dean of the college in which the department is housed.  If the dean concurs, the recommendation is forwarded to the Provost for action.  Nominations for membership in the graduate faculty must be made on the appropriate form, available at the Provost’s web page, http://www.umw.edu/provost.  The primary criterion for consideration as a member of the graduate faculty is possession of an appropriate earned terminal degree in the discipline of the courses to be taught.  Additional criteria considered are evidence of scholarly productivity in his/her field, and evidence of successful teaching.  The listing of the graduate faculty is included in the Graduate Academic Catalog, and also posted at the Provost’s web page.

3.7.2  Affiliate Faculty    There are two types of affiliate faculty appointments.   An internal affiliate appointment occurs when a current UMW faculty member voluntarily associates (affiliates) with a program or a department other than the one where the person serves primarily.  These internal affiliate relationships are unpaid.  An external affiliate appointment will be considered for professionals who provide direct supervision/field instruction to students during practicum or clinical experiences. Someone who will be serving as a UMW program director in addition to duties as a part-time instructor may also be appointed an as external affiliate faculty member.  Faculty with appropriate qualifications and the consent of the department chair, dean, and Provost may be awarded the rank of “affiliate assistant professor” rather than the rank of adjunct instructor in conjunction with specified program supervision duties.  Details of the special assignment to be fulfilled will be outlined in the individual’s appointment letter.