Section 4: Procedures Regarding Termination and Sanctions for Violation of Policy

4.1  Termination of Appointment Before End of Term Specified in Appointment Letter

4.1.1 Financial Exigency

4.1.2 Discontinuance of a Program or Department of Instruction

4.2  Appeal Procedures in Cases Involving Appointment Termination or Reassignment

4.2.1 Consideration by University Faculty Appeals and Grievance Committee

4.2.2 Findings by University Faculty Appeals and Grievance Committee

4.2.3 Provost Review

4.2.4 Appeal of Findings and/or Provost Review

4.3  Imposing Sanctions for Alleged Violations of Policy, and Discharge for Cause

4.3.1 Grounds

4.3.2 Principles and Definitions

4.3.3 General Procedures for Addressing Allegations

4.4  Procedures for Formal Investigation of Violations of University Policy

4.4.1 Challenges to Committee Membership

4.4.2 Pre-Hearing Meetings

4.4.3 Required Notification

4.4.4 Conduct of Hearings

4.4.5 Rights to Cross Examine During Hearings

4.4.6 Evidence and Standards of Proof

4.4.7 Avoidance of Public Statements About the Proceedings

4.4.8 Formal Finding

4.5  Appeal of Major Sanctions

4.5.1 Appeal on Grounds of Inadequate Consideration

4.5.2 Appeal to the President

4.5.3 Appeal to the Board of Visitors

4.6  Allegations of Incompetence, Neglect of Duty, or Misconduct

4.6.1 Inquiry

4.6.2 Informal Investigation and Mediation

4.6.3 Formal Investigation and Resolution

4.6.4 Action in Cases of Misconduct

4.6.5 Appeal of Formal Investigation or Major Sanctions

4.7  Allegations of Discrimination or Harassment

4.8  Allegations of Misconduct in Scholarly Activity or Research

4.8.1 Research Responsibilities

4.8.2 Definitions of Academic Misconduct

4.8.3 Inquiry in Cases of Academic Misconduct

4.8.4 Reporting Requirements in Cases of Academic Misconduct

4.8.5 Interim Actions During Inquiry and/or Investigation of Academic Misconduct

4.8.6 Informal Investigation in Cases of Academic Misconduct

4.8.7 Formal Investigation

4.8.8 Maintenance of Records of Investigations in Cases of Academic Misconduct

4.9  Termination of an Appointment for Medical Reasons

4.9.1 Informal Inquiry

4.9.2 Formal Investigation

4.9.3 Appeal